GENESIS OF THE BOOK OF THE LAW. Three volumes. Part One: The Cairo Working, 1875-1904. Part Two: The Coming of the A.'. A.'. and the Legacy of the OTO, 1905-1914. Part Three: The Coming of the Magical Child, 1915-1962.

Holmes Publishing Group LLC, 2001-2. FIRST EDITION. Item #17766

Hand-bound wraps as issued; FINE SET. A time line of the unusual and surprising events and occurrences during the reception of the Book of the Law in Cairo by Aleister Crowley. Together with: David Hulse's study of the origin and evolution of Aleister Crowley's holy book continues with an account of its influence on the formation of theses famed occult and magickal orders. This timeline offers new information regarding Reuss, Kellner and others during this period of Crowley's life. Together with: The final volume of David Hulse's seminal work on the reception and evolution of the Book of the Law and its influence on modern Thelemites in Europe and America. Octavo. This set signed by Holmes on verso.

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