Item #E-F9 THE FENRIS WOLF, Number Nine. First Limited Edition. Vanessa.& Abrahamsson Sinclair, Carl.

THE FENRIS WOLF, Number Nine. First Limited Edition.

Stockholm: Trapart Publishing, 2017. Limited Edition. Item #E-F9

Quality trade paper as issued; A FINE VOLUME, uncirculated, and in the original shrink wrap. This volume focuses extensively on the conference, "Psychoanalysis, Art & the Occult", which was held in London in 2016. As per usual, many authors and artists have contributed As to the symposium, one purpose was to seek to stitch together the ongoing split between psychoanalysis and the occult with contributors Gary Lachman, Dr. Stephen Reisner, Peter Grey, Alkistis Dimech, Val Denham, Carl Abrahamsson, Robert Ansell on AOS, Dr. Ingo Lambrecht, and others. Includes titles like "Alchemy as Art"; "Seven Layers of the Vodou Soul"; "Rebis, the Double Being"; and more. 248 pages. Octavo.

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