Xoanon / Ouroboros, 2013-16. Limited Edition. A FINE SET. In tall 4to. Custom paper edition on heavy illustrated stock, replete with black and white, and full color plates and illustrations. Some contents: Martin Duffy examines the gnosis of Judas Iscariot "One Beyond Twelve: The Thirteenth Spirit, Judas and the Opposer"; the mysterious Grosvenor manuscript is examined by Ben Fernee in "The Commonplace Book of Grosvenor"; Daniel Schulke's 'Diablo Stigmata' examines the perpetuity of the Devil's Mark as an accursed brand; plus alchemical writings and plates by Edward Kelley, George Ripley, and Frater A.I. Volume 2 offers author and scholar Henrik Bogdan discusses the nature of Secrecy in Occult Orders; the German magical order Fraternitas Saturni entreats the magical gnosis of Saturn; Michael Howard writes of the Freemason's Artificer; and unpublished ritual with art by Andrew D. Chumbley, plus research on Arabian magical Talismans. 4to. Item #14596

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