CROSSING THE ABYSS AND INTO THE AEON OF THE DAUGHTER: The Magickal Story of Aleister Crowley & Charles Stansfeld Jones. Signed Copy.

Berkeley: Cornelius, 2020. Limited to 200 signed copies. FINE HARDCOVER VOLUME, bound in red, in tall octavo. Frater Achad is one of the most important personages in Thelemic history. His discoveries of magickal secrets, even secrets that Aleister Crowley was oblivious to, and includes the critical number 31, and how 31 (AL) x 3 gods = 93, and lead to his discovery of the 93 Current. Crowley was impressed this revelation that he changed the cover of 'Liber L vel Legis' to 'Liber AL vel Legis.' Indeed, this new book by J. Edward Cornelius even calls into question the authorship of the "Book of the Law." Few people realize that Achad joined the A.'.A.'. in 1909, only a few years after Crowley established the Order. Like Crowley, Achad swore the "Oath of the Abyss", and became a Magister Templi of the A.'.A.'. Crowley's early letters to Achad in these early years are among the clearest expositions of OTO sex magick works, and his views on women. The book also features an in-depth discussion of the final breakup between the two, including the debacle in Detroit, the Cefalu period and Achad's involvement in the Universal Brotherhood. 447 pages. Tall 8vo. Item #17840

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