Berkeley: Cornelius, 2017. Limited to 200 copies, signed copies only. A FINE CLOTH COPY. In this volume, there is a continuation of the study of the symbolism of the degrees as related to the Thoth deck and other magical traditions. Mr. Cornelius brings light to the Third Degree in which the candidate experiences Death as an Initiation into spirituality. The Thelemic Mysteries of Death in the two corresponding paths of the Tarot: The Hanged Man and The Devil are discussed. Other contributions are a short taxonomy titled, "On Sex and Crowley's Women", plus Part One of a lengthy essay by J. Edward Cornelius called "On the Scarlet Woman." He explores the origins of the nomenclature 'scarlet' woman, and the how and where this color fits on the Tree of Life, and the nature of the two Sephirot which naturally feed the "scarlet" path. Furthermore, Cornelius examines the role of the Scarlet Woman as found in "The Book of Revelation", as well as discussing the verity behind what John Dee (1527-1608) really said about Babalon, and the Daughter of Fortitude, which is often misquoted and taken out of context by modern writers. In Addition, Mr. Cornelius looks at the relationship to the Book of the Law, the Vision and the Voice, and the Scarlet Woman's connection to the IX OTO as well as the Grail mythos, and more. 323 pages. Octavo. Item #18947

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