CHYMIA: Annual Studies in the History of Chemistry. First Four Volumes.

Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1948-53. A VERY GOOD+ SET of cloth volumes without marking or defect, and representing some of the best research and writing to be found in the subject. Two of the volumes have a stamp on front free end paper, but no evidence of general circulation. While much of the material is one the rise of chemistry as hard science, there are many scarce articles and illustrations on alchemy. Partial contents by volume: V. I: The Argument of Morien and Merlin: An English Alchemical Poem; Scottish Alchemy in the Seventeenth Century; Priestly Settles the Water Question". -- 190 pages. V. II: "Was Newton an Alchemist?; "Some Seventeenth Century Chemists and Alchemists of Lorraine": "Sir Kenelm Digby, Alchemist, Schola, Courtier, and Man of Adventure. -- 143 pages, plus errata. V. III: "The Invention of Printing and the Diffusion of Alchemical and Chemical Knowledge"; "The Owl of Heinrich Khunrath: Its Origin and Significance"; "Boyle and Bayle: The Sceptical Chemist and the Sceptical Historian". -- 252 pages. V. IV: "On the Origin of Alchemy by Forbes"; "Zukunftsaufgaben der Geschichte der Alchemie. [Future Tasks in the History of Alchemy]"; "A Projected, but Unpublished, Edition of the Life and Works of Robert Boyle". -- 217 pages. All volumes illustrated. Tall octavo. Item #19254

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