THE BABYLONIAN CADUCEUS: The Magical Rod of the Ancient Mysteries.

Holmes Publishing Group LLC. A FINE COPY, hand bound monograph in custom papers with a Patapar overlay. "The proto-Hermes was always a snake-god. Before the era of complete anthropomorphism, he was never a single snake, for this was the prerogative of the Mother Goddess, but Hermes was double, male and female, the most prolific form of copulation in the animal kingdom. All of which has nothing to do with medicine as a symbol or attribute. It is the representation of a god - the messenger only that will lead or take you to the real, the god who carries and wields the medical power you are seeking." Abel expands Potter's work with new material discovered since the original writing. Please note: Orders of one to three HPG monographs, due to their weight and size, will ship for the same amount as one standard book. Another three items will count as another standard book, and so on. The site is not a real time cart, so we can adjust your shipping fees when we transact at a later time. Item #376-0

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