THE SCARLET WOMEN OF ALEISTER CROWLEY: The Brilliant, the Beastly, the Scarlet, and the Muddy Being "Essays on Thelema", number six,.

Berkeley: J&E Cornelius, 2017. Limited Edition of 200 cloth bound copies, signed by the author. Item #CE-6

A FINE HARDBACK COPY. Another excellent contribution by J.E. Cornelius to Thelemic research. With thirty eight photographs. The names of Crowley’s many women lovers have presented anenigma to Thelemites over the years due to having been scattered in passing through many Crowley biographies, and in some cases, hidden away in private sources. J. Edward Cornelius has thoroughly researched, often in sources not widely accessible, the life histories of the thirty-three known female lovers who were most significant in the life and work of Aleister Crowley. 309 pages. Octavo.

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