Item #E-F8 THE FENRIS WOLF, Number Eight. First Limited Edition. Achad Lovecraft, others, Lachman.

THE FENRIS WOLF, Number Eight. First Limited Edition.

Stockholm: Trapart Publishing, 2016. Limited First Edition. Item #E-F8

A FINE VOLUME. Quality trade paper volume matching the previous volumes issued in the series. Edited by Carl Abrahamsson. Cover Art by Andreas Kalliaridis. Contents: Aki Ceredberg: Festivals of Spring; Antti Balk: Greek Mysteries - A Primer; Carey Hodges & Chad Hensley: New Orleans Voodoo - An Oddity Unto Itself; Zbigniew Lagosz: The Figure of the Polish Magician: Czeslaw Czynski (1858-1932); Derek Seagrief: Conscious Exit; Erik Davis: Infectious Hoax: Robert Anton Wilson reads H.P. Lovecraft; Henrik Dahl: We Ate the Acid: A Note on Psychedelic Imagery; Charles Stansfield Jones (Frater Achad): Alchymia; Jason Louv: Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger, and the Psychedelic Interstellar Future We Need; Kasper Opstrup: By This, That - A spin on Lea Porsager's Spin; Kendall Geers: iMagus; Miguel Marques: The Labors of Seeing - A Journey Through the Works of Peter Whitehead; Carl Abrahamsson: The Economy of Magic; Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule: Fragments of Fact; Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule: EarHorn; Renata Wieczorek: The Conception of Number according to Aleister Crowley; Tim O'Neill: Black Lodge/White Lodge - Notes toward a Symbology of Secret Societies and Gnosis in Recent Drama; Vanessa Sinclair: Polymorphous Perversity and Pandrogeny; Vanessa Sinclair & Ingo Lambrecht: Ritual and Psychoanalytical Spaces as Transitional, featuring Sangoma Trance States; Zaheer Gulamhusein: Standing in Line; Gary Lachman: Rejected Knowledge: A Look At Our Other Way of Knowing; Alexander Nym: Kabbalah References in Contemporary Culture; Stephen Sennitt: The Book of the Sentient Night: 23 Nails; Bishop T Omphalos: The Golden Thread; Soteriological Aspects of the Gnostic Catholicism in E.G.C.; Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: TBC; Johan Nilsson: Defending Paper Gods - Aleister Crowley and the Reception of Daoism in Early 20th Century Esotericism; Michael Moynihan: Friedrich Hielscher's Vision of the Real Powers; Stojan Nikolic: The One True Church of the Dark Age of Scientism; Hagen von Tulien: Listening to the Voice of Silence - A Contemporary Perspective on the Fraternitas Saturni; Gordan Djurdjevic: The Birth of the New Aeon: Magick and Mysticism of Thelema from the Perspective of Postmodern A/Theology; Nina Antonia: Bosie & the Beast; Kadmus: A Fragment of Heart; Cadmus: Neo-Chthonia; Karl Max: McKenna on Music; Carl Abrahamsson: Intuition as a State of Grace; and Friedrich Hielscher: The Real Powers. 384 pages. Octavo.

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