STARFIRE JOURNAL. Volume Two, Number 4. DeLuxe Edition. Michael Staley.

STARFIRE JOURNAL. Volume Two, Number 4. DeLuxe Edition.

London: Starfire Publishing, 2011. Limited Edition of 111 copies only, signed and numbered by Michael Staley. Item #SF-J24d

A FINE CLOTH VOLUME IN DUST JACKET, and housed in a custom slipcase. Numbered and signed on title page by Michael Staley. Full illustrated custom end papers. Tall quarto. Contents include: In Memoriam: Kenneth Grant by Michael Staley - a preliminary survey of some key elements in the substantial body of mystical and magical work which Kenneth bequeathed us for further development; Images of the Mystery by Gary Dickinson - a consideration of the origins and implications of Crowley's drawing 'The Way', better known simply as LAM; The Obsidian Sabbath by Daniel Schulke - some considerations of the body of lore and sorcerous praxis which comprise the Sabbatic path; "Sermon from a Haunted Cellar" by Richard Gavin - an essay on some of the implications of working within the Typhonian Tradition; "The Unity of Toltec and Thelema" by Eric N. Peterson - a consideration of the common ground between the Toltec tradition and Thelema; "Maranatha and Beyond" by Stephen Dziklewicz - a sequel to the author's essay on Maranatha in the previous issue of Starfire; "Grid Sigil Magick" by Robert Podgurski - considerations concerning the ramifications of a sigil which was revealed several years ago to the author; "The Emergence of Lam" by Michael Staley - some considerations of Lam from its emergence in the Amalantrah Working and beyond; much else, including "Scenes in the Life of Ataturk" by Ithell Colquhoun - reminiscences on the genesis and life of Crowley's son. 302 pages.

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