OUTER GATEWAYS. Kenneth Grant.


London: Starfire Publishing, 2015. Limited Enhanced Edition. Item #SF-OG

A Fine Hardcover Volume in dust jacket. The volume is sewn for durability, and matches the earlier enhanced editions in the Trilogies series. Edited by Michael Staley. The earliest themes of Grant's series of Trilogies are emphasized and developed in this volume with material on the unearthly provenance of such disturbing messages as 'The Necronomicon' which is reaffirmed and leads into a discussion of Crowley's reception of 'The Book of the Law', and a reinterpretation of that book's implications in the light of the Typhonian Tradition. The volume concludes with the haunting transmission - Wisdom of S'lba - received in New Isis Lodge under circumstances outside the usually accepted magical procedures. 280 pages, indexed. Octavo.

Price: $72.95

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