LIBER NIGRI SOLIS: An Æonic Astrochymical Grimoire of the Black Sun. The Auric Edition.

Friedberg: Theion Publishing, 2013. Limited DeLuxe Edition of 60 copies only. Item #T-LNSd

A FINE COPY, bound in full green goatskin with custom endpapers, silk marker, and special gilt panel illustration. Lavishly illustrated with splendid thematic art commissioned especially for this book. LIBER NIGRI SOLIS also features an informative introduction by Dr. Eva Kingsepp of Stockholm University and is edited by Victor Voronov. Ten full page halftone illustrations, and additional drawings en texte. LIBER NIGRI SOLIS elaborates on the occult, magical and initiatory work of two esoteric orders. Presenting the aeonic history, mythic imagery, and arcane aesthetics of the Black Sun along with its alchemical and astrological aspects, and their significance, the Volume includes a concise and multi-faceted esoteric system of theory and practice most suitable for work with the Black Sun on microcosmic, mesocosmic, and macrocosmic levels. The reader will be provided with eighteen keys which open the Nine Infernal Gates, and the Nine Gates of Radiant Darkness, ultimately leading to the vision of the Black Sun. 288 pages. Tall octavo.

Price: $789.00