PENUMBRAE: An Anthology of Occult Fiction. Richard Gavin, Patricia Cram, Daniel A. Schulke.

PENUMBRAE: An Anthology of Occult Fiction.

Hercules: Three Hands Press, 2015. Limited Edition. Item #X-PE

Fine Custom Cloth Volume in dust jacket. 192 pages. Octavo. A Collection of Thirteen Works of Occult Fiction by many of the genre's best known writers. The locus of this anthology lies in tales that embody a metaphysical position, as opposed to fiction that merely employs metaphysical trappings to enforce a materialist worldview. Occult fiction, by contrast, strives to evoke the energies that inform such symbols, and create a vital experience for the reader. PENUMBRAE features a variety of tales from the following authors: Kenneth Grant, Don Webb, Andrew Chumbley, Daniel A. Schulke, Richard Gavin, Patricia Cram, Dale Pendell, Caitli­n R. Kiernan, Sun Yung Shin, Hanns Heinz Ewers, Lee Morgan, Brian Evenson, and Michael Cisco.

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