THE SATYR'S SERMON: By the Hand and Eye of Alogos.

Xoanon Publishing, 2009. Limited Edition of 333 copies. Quarter bound in leather with slipcase; A MINT COPY. Landscape 16mo. Completed in early 2004, the Sermon formed a portion of the 'Monadic Transmission' series of texts originally issued in hand-written, hand-illustrated editions of one copy only.This unique grimoire concerns the sorcerous precept of Unfettered Desire, as expounded in parable form by the twin sexual hypostases of the Sabbatic Agapae. The book gives voice to a connubial dialectic patterned upon 26 aphoristic formulae or 'Sermons' and their accompanying calligraphic sigils. As a whole, the book exposits diverse formulae of magical adoration, invoking the eternal mystae of The Beloved.The Satyr's Sermon is 84 pages, small format, printed in full letterpress in red, black and gold. Item #X-SSc

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