ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, ELEVENTH EDITION, 1910-1911, Twenty Nine Volumes, with the Three Volume 1922 Supplement, and the Three Volume 1926 Supplement, Thirty Five Volumes in All in Full Size Format, and Printed on True India Paper.

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Cambridge, UK, Cambridge University Press, 1910-11. Eleventh Edition. Together with both the 1922 and 1926 supplements A FINE SET, and the only complete version of this legendary work, a work particularly strong in the religions, philosophies, sacred art and history, and mythology of the Ancients. Both Supplements were originally issued as such, individually. However, the publisher combined the 1922 supplement with the original 29 volumes to create the Twelfth Edition in 32 volumes, but in order to fit that format, thousands of pages were deleted, a damnable Procrustean outrage. The same is true of the 1926 supplement; many thousands more pages were deleted to fit the 32 volume Thirteenth Edition. This is the full-size format, unabridged, 4to (11 & 8 5/8 ?), printed on acid-neutral India Paper, about 1000 double-column pages in each volume, and each page equivalent to about 4 pages in a standard octavo, the whole equivalent to about 500 8vo. volumes, housing forty thousand articles. Superbly rebound in dark green linen with black labels by the renowned A & H Bindery of Chicago, known since 1946, for its craftsmanship. With speckled edges and headbands. Lavishly illustrated with b&w and line drawings, multi-colored maps, and color plates. From its initial publication until today this work has justly enjoyed a celebrated reputation for the unique lofty level of its scholarship. The following select list of luminary contributors explains why. "N" denotes Nobel Prize winner: Matthew Arnold, Bernard Baruch, Eduard Beneš, Niels Bohr [N], John Burroughs, George Washington Cable, R.H. Charles, R.G. Collingwood, John R. Commons, Ralph Adams Cram, Irene Curie N, Marie Curie [N], W.E.B. Dubois, George Eastman, Albert Einstein [N], Sir Arthur Evans, Marshal Ferdinand Foch, Henry Ford, James G. Frazer, Sigmund Freud, Pieter Geyl, Edmund Gosse, Adolph Harnack, John A. Hobson, Harry Houdini, Col. Edward House, Baron von Hugel, Thomas Henry Huxley, James Jeans, William S. Jevons, Prince Peter Kropotkin, Andrew Lang, James Legge, Frederick A. Lindemann, Walter Lippmann, Lord Macaulay, F. W. Maitland, Bronislaw Malinowski, Guglielmo Marconi [N], Thomas Garrigue Masaryk, James Clerk Maxwell, Charles H. Mayo, M.D., William James Mayo, M.D., Andrew Mellon, H.L. Mencken, Eduard Meyer, Robert Millikan [N], Ludwig von Mises, James Moffat, William Morris, Gaetano Mosca, John Muir, W. Max Müller, Sir James Murray, Fridtjof Nansen [N], Allan Nevins, Hideyo Noguchi, Wilhelm Ostwald, Ludwig von Pastor, William Flinders Petrie, Henri Pirenne, Frederick Pollock, Roscoe Pound, Hugo Preuss, Elisee Reclus, Elihu Root, Bertrand Russell [N], Ernest Rutherford [N], George Saintsbury, John E. Sandys, Admiral Reinhard von Scheer, Carl Schurz, James Brown Scott, George Bernard Shaw, Henry Sidgwick, Frederick Soddy [N], Marie Stopes, Gustav Stresemann, William Graham Sumner, Algernon Swinburne, John A. Symonds, Laredo Taft, Ida Tarbell, J. J. Thomson [N], Arnold Toynbee, Leon Trotsky, Frederick Jackson Turner, Carl Van Doren, Luigi Villari, Pasquale Villari, Sir Paul Vinogradoff, John B. Watson, Gen. Archibald Wavell, Julius Wellhausen, Alfred North Whitehead. Also includes five color facsimiles of period illustrated promotional brochures, and a full official monograph on the term, India Paper. Many thanks to R.A. for his help with the description. Shipping Cost Remains to be Determined. (Item ID: 16985)

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