WONDERS IN THE SKY: Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to 1879 and their Impact on Human Culture, History and Beliefs. Two Volumes, Slipcased.

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WONDERS IN THE SKY: Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to 1879 and their Impact on Human Culture, History and Beliefs. Two Volumes, Slipcased.
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San Francisco: Documatica Research LLC, 2015. Second Edition, extensively revised & enlarged. A FINE SET, bound in custom premium cloth, sewn signatures, printed on an archival gloss art sheet, a sheet that reproduce marvelously the one hundred eight full page plates, many in color where warranted, as well as superb reproductions of Renaissance paintings, old woodcuts, early printed books, charts and maps. The set also includes a cloth portfolio of 20 rare Medieval and Renaissance broadsheets [i.e. posters, 11” x 8” and suitable for framing)], plus a facsimile of a 17th century coin, in plastic case, representing a legendary ‘round shield’ from the sky, all contained in a stout Saifu cloth slipcase, each copy signed and numbered by the authors, limited to 500 copies and never to be reprinted. A gorgeous production of the highest quality, and a rare blending of world-class scholarship and exceptional book arts. Beginning in ancient times and concluding with the advent of modern aircraft in 1879, this scientifically grounded presentation of the most important sightings is based on 40 years of personal fieldwork and library research done by the foremost authority on the phenomena of unidentified aerial objects, in collaboration with Chris Aubeck, a careful European researcher who has assembled the most qualified group of experts ever to consider this problem . Vallée, a natural skeptic, believes there are craft, and people have seen them. Their book includes the most reliable, corroborated accounts by observers throughout history of the most spectacular aerial events in all of history, described here by hundreds of people such as Nichiren Shonin, Michel de Nostre-Dame, Christopher Columbus, Saint Benedict, Agrippa d’Aubigne, Lu Yu, Michelangelo, Thomas Inman (author of Ancient faiths Embodied in Ancient Names, Ancient Paganism, etc), Camille Flammarion (author of The Unknown and veteran psychical researcher), Harold Wilkins, and numerous other astronomers, scientists and noblemen, extracted from texts such as the mysterious Chronicle of Lycosthenes 1552 (with it’s famed “rocket ship”), Plutarch’s Lives, Livy’s Omens Portents and Prodigies, Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings and Queens of Britain, John Vicars’ Prodigies and Apparitions 1643, Mirabilis Annus and Secundas 1661-1662, Glanvill’s Saducismus Triumphatus, 1681, Scientific Transaction of the Royal Society, Thompson’s The Reports of Magicians and Astronomers of Nineveh & Babylon 1900, De Visser’s The Dragon in China and Japan (1913), Kristiansen’s Mystikkens Danmark, Charles McKay’s Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, Kirckham’s Concerning the Origin of the Book of Mormon 1937, Hynek’s The UFO Experience, Burns’ An Age of Wonders 2002, etc & etc. The emphasis is on demonstrated authenticity. There are many byways and ancillary discussions by Vallee, such as the mysteries of meteorology; ancient astronomical oddities, like the forgotten constellation of Antinous, and the Star of Bethlehem; Vedic sources, including the Vimanas of the Bhagavata Purana; beliefs of Tibetan, Native American, and medieval monastic communities (among others); the search for the planet Vulcan; the science of fireballs and comets; abduction psychology; the birth of modern aeronautics in the 18th century, etc & etc, with half of the text concerning sightings before the time of Christ. With indexes, bibliography, charts, maps, chronology, and index of iconography. 465 pages. Tall 4to. Boxed, insured shipping T/B/D. A Very Special Price: (Item ID: WS-V)

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