THE BARON CITADEL: The Book of the Four Ways.

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THE BARON CITADEL: The Book of the Four Ways.
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Richmond Vista: Three Hands Press, 2015. Limited to 500 copies only. A FINE PREMIUM CLOTH COPY. With numerous Illustrations, some in color, by Carolyn Hamilton-Giles. 256 pages. Small 8vo. This new volume by Hamilton-Giles (author of THE AFFLICTED MIRROR) examines the governor of the Dead and the burial ground, the Baron Samedi. The Baron is one of the most distinctive and potent loa of Haitian Vodou, portryed as an imposing figure in black raiment, and often pictured as a corpse. His other magical domains, less discussed in esoteric literature, include disruption, obscenity and most important for the practicing sorcerer not simply the arts of Magic, but the essential fabric of which Magic is made. Emergent from the spiritual crossroads of traditional Vodou and English witchcraft is the Baron Citadel, a working grimoire exploring the nature of magical time, Self, Other, and the essential power-rudiments of sorcery itself. Simultaneously an emanation of the Baron as the Lord of all Crossroads and an embodied magical chronologue through which the sorcerer gains. access to the powers and directions of the Path, the Citadel is both magical theory and an embodied sorcerous architecture. In this work, the hidden powers of the retinue of the Dead, the esoteric doctrine of the dirt track, and the thirteen daimon-cohorts of the Baron or 'retinue' are discussed. The BARON CITADEL is densely illustrated throughout with the images by the esoteric artist, Carolyn Hamilton-Giles. The "Book of the Four Ways" should be regarded as a preparatory rite before embarking upon any major magical work. (Item ID: X-BAR)

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