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New York: David Chaim Smith, 2018.

A FINE CLOTH VOLUME, Smyth sewn, titles foiled, custom end papers, in French fold dust jacket. Twenty seven full page plates and five vignettes. BATH OF BRIGHT SILENCE articulates a practice derived from the thirteenth-century Iyyun School of Kabbalah termed "The 13 Phases of Tikkun Kadmon." This practice describes a... more

Price: $57.95

San Francisco: Documatica Research LLC, 2015. Second Edition, extensively revised & enlarged.

A FINE ARCHIVAL SET, bound in custom premium cloth, sewn signatures, printed on an archival gloss art sheet, a sheet that reproduces marvelously the one hundred eight full page plates, many in color where warranted, as well as superb reproductions of Renaissance paintings, old woodcuts, early printed books, charts and... more

Price: $222.00

Hercules: Three Hands Press, 2018. Limited Edition.

A FINE PREMIUM CLOTH COPY IN FINE DUST JACKET. Artwork by Benjamin Vierling. First published in late Summer 2012, the principal concern of the volume was the intersection of magic and poison, which finds its origins in remotest antiquity and now reaching into the occult traditions of present day. Beyond... more

Price: $52.95

London: Fulgur Esoterica, 2018. Limited Edition in Elemental Cloth.

A FINE CLOTH COPY. Contents include: a scholarly introduction by Dr Amy Hale; a contextual essay by Ithell Colquhoun; seventy-eight enamel taro card designs, reproduced in six colors; and an index of correspondences, citing esoteric names, traditional tarot names, King scale colors and Cabalistic letters. In 1977, a series of... more

Price: $84.95

Hercules, CA: Three Hands Press, 2018. Limited Edition of 777 cloth copies only.

A FINE CLOTH COPY, bound in gilt carmine cloth and embossed two-color dust jacket. Printed on premium stock in traditional red and black, the volume is 168 pages. Octavo. "Even after the practice of witch-hunting and persecution began to wane, the baneful influence of malefic sorcery was greatly feared as... more

Price: $56.95

London: Starfire Publishing, 2018. Limited Edition.

A FINE CLOTH COPY IN DUST JACKET. The volume also features a number of new color plates, half-tone illustrations, illustrated endpapers and a specially designed dustjacket by Maria Lindberg Bogdan, incorporating artwork by Austin Osman Spare. With an Impressive List of Works and Contributors --- Kenneth Grant: Servant-Satguru-Savant / Martin... more

Price: $49.95

Hercules: Three Hands Press, 2017. Limited Edition.

A FINE CLOTH COPY in full color dust jacket. Profusely illustrated. Co-edited by Daniel A. Schulke, Madeleine LeDespencer, Tom Allen, Martin Duffy, and Maria Dolorosa. The figure of the Witch has haunted the margins of religion and spirituality for thousands of years, as a figure of transgressive spiritual power, outlaw... more

Price: $72.95