• Author: Alm, John August.

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Three Hands Press, 2013. Limited to 625 copies.

FINE CLOTH VOLUME in custom dust jacket. The magical doctrines of the ancient Orphics and Pythagoreans are poorly understood by modern scholars, in part because they were secretive in their own time. Well-known for speaking in riddles and complex ciphers, its adepts were bound by strict taboo and silence, the... more

Price: $72.95

Three Hands Press, 2013. Limited to 125 hand-numbered copies only of which this is hand-numbered copy 54.

A FINE VOLUME in custom binding of iridescent charcoal, special end papers, and a silver Pythagorean vignette impressed on the front panel. 264 pages, with eight illustrations, including original artwork by James Dunk and Timo Ketola. Royal octavo. ... more

Price: $550.00