• Author: Farr, Florence.

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Commemorative Programme Performed on August 21, 1993 at the Rudolf Steiner Theatre, London.

In wraps as issued; A FINE COPY. Introduction by Caroline Wise. Also, includes a full page announcement of FROM THE INFERNO TO ZOS, a co-publishing effort by Mandrake and Holmes. Tall 4to. ... more

Price: $90.00

Holmes Publishing Group, 2002.

In Tarragon paper wraps with parchment overlay; A FINE COPY, hand-bound monograph. Includes "The Beloved of Hathor"; "The Shrine of the Golden Hawk"; The Mystery of Time; and "A Dialogue of Vision". Compiled and edited by Darcy Kuntz. Golden Dawn Studies series 25. Octavo. ... more

Price: $12.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 1996.

A FINE COPY, hand bound in custom papers with a Patapar overlay. Preface by Darcy Küntz. This book contains Florence Farr's ideas on symbolism, the Kabbalah, Egyptian magic, the Vedanta, Rosicrucians and Alchemy. Golden Dawn Studies series number six. ... more

Price: $12.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 1996.

A FINE COPY -- monograph, hand-bound with select papers. The experiments Farr conducted with the Sphere Group in 1901 with the events and experiences chronicled in her diary. Keys to the Enochian Language; a corrected Holy Table; and a rare full page plate also are included. Golden Dawn Studies series... more

Price: $10.95

Thame: IHO Books, 2006.

Beautiful facsimile reprint on London 1894 edition. In custom wraps as issued; A FINE COPY. 149 pages. Demy octavo. ... more

Price: $22.50