• Author: Gaster, Dr. Moses.

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Holmes Publishing Group, 1992.

A source work for the study of the Kabbalistic and Gnostic Traditions. Monograph with custom papers and overlay. Octavo. Kabbalistic-Grimoire Series 13. ... more

Price: $12.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 2000.

A FINE COPY, hand bound monograph in custom papers with a Patapar overlay. The fate of the Soul after death and the Zoharic concept of a future reunion with the physical body. 8vo. ... more

Price: $6.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 1999.

A FINE COPY, hand-bound with special papers. Translated from the Hebrew by Dr. Gaster, this work focuses on the use of magical names and the sacred days of the seven planets (or Archangels). Gaster believed the manuscript he was working from survived in the possession of certain Spanish kabbalists and... more

Price: $8.95