• Author: Kuntz, Darcy (ed.)

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Edmonds: Holmes Publishing Group, 2006. Second edition, revised.

In original black and silver wraps; A FINE COPY. Kabbalistic-Grimoire Series III.44 pages. ... more

Price: $20.00

Holmes Publishing Group, 1998.

Turner translated this famous medieval grimoire into English in 1656 and it was published at London a year later. The operations are complex, but beautiful in lyric and profound in content. Edited by Darcy Küntz. Kabbalistic-Grimoire Series 3. ... more

Price: $12.95

Holmes Publishing Group LLC

Translated from the French by Gryffon Turner who has done a superb piece of work in rendering a readable and informative text of this difficult work. Kabbalistic-Grimoire Series 2. ... more

Price: $12.95

Calgary: Societas Hermetica L.V.X. Aurea-Rubeae, [March-April-May] 1993.

Two pamphlets in vinyl protector; FINE COPIES. Early work by Darcy Kuntz of the Golden Dawn Trust. Edited by Frater D.E.U. 8vo. ... more

Price: $44.00

Holmes Publishing Group, 1994.

Translated from the Latin version of 1518, this famous grimoire is well illustrated with the sigils, signs and symbols of medieval Magic. Kabbalistic-Grimoire Series 1. Darcy Kuntz, general editor. ... more

Price: $10.95