• Author: Philalethes, Eirenaeus.

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Holmes Publishing Group, 1998. 1558183639

The English translation published by William Cooper, revised and corrected against the original Latin. One of the most important alchemical tracts ever published, this work includes the "Remarks of Lenglet du Fresnoy", and is augmented by additional notes and introductory letters by alchemical scholar Smith. Alchemical Studies series 8. In... more

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Holmes Publishing Group LLC

A FINE COPY, hand bound monograph in custom papers with a Patapar overlay. The medicinal, chemical, and physical arcana in thirty-five chapters. Newton's copy of this work (located at University of Wisconsin-Madison) contains a full measure of alchemical marginalia of a sincere and erudite nature. ... more

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Holmes Publishing Group, 1984.

A FINE COPY. "What is the Alkahest?" "It is a Catholic and Universal Menstruum, and, in a word, may be called a Fiery Water, an uncompounded and immortal ens, which is penetrative, resolving all things into their first Liquid Matter, nor can anything resist its power..." - From the text.... more

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