• Author: Pike, Albert.

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Holmes Publishing Group,1999.

General Pike's exploration of the significance of numeric symbolism in the ancient Mysteries. A FINE COPY, hand bound monograph in custom papers with a Patapar overlay. ... more

Price: $8.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 1994.

Dozens of Masonic and mystic symbols illustrate this work which shows, once again, General Pike's encyclopedic knowledge. The old Kabbalists symbolized the operations of Nature in a most perfect and beautiful way. They said that the One in order to become Two, reflected itself in the waters below,..."-from the text.... more

Price: $8.95

[Charleston], circa 1910.

Binding clean and firm; text is free of marking; VERY GOOD OR BETTER COPY. The Templar Dogma; the De iside et Osiride of Plutarch; Of Ineffable Words; Pythagoras-his Life & Doctrine; Hermes; The Royal Secret; Symbolic Camp; Sacred & Royal Arch; Kabalistic Triads; Symbols, Symbolism.170 pages. Octavo. ... more

Price: $169.00

Charleston, SC: Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction, AASF, 1919.

A VERY GOOD CLOTH VOLUME with clear mylar protector. Gilt Phoenix image on front panel. 861 pages. Tall octavo. ... more

Price: $69.00

Charleston, 1884,(1899).

Text firm and clean, being free of markings; bookplate; A VERY GOOD COPY. Octavo. 170 pages. ... more

Price: $150.00

New York, [1875]. Privately issued in an edition of 100 copies only.

A FINE TALL FOLIO in double space typescript with all illustrations and blurbs hand drawn in pencil. Paper fragile with an occasional minute edge tear along the bottom edge. 150 pages. An exceptional work explaining the ancient wisdom in the light of East and West, including the Hermetic Schools and... more

Price: $975.00

No place or publisher, 1948.

In original wraps as issued; A VERY GOOD COPY. Original Latin and English Translation of the original letters. [33], 52 pages. Octavo. ... more

Price: $60.00