• Author: Pike, Albert.

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Holmes Publishing Group,1999.

General Pike's exploration of the significance of numeric symbolism in the ancient Mysteries. A FINE COPY, hand bound monograph in custom papers with a Patapar overlay. ... more

Price: $8.95

Charleston, SC: Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction, AASF, 1919.

A VERY GOOD CLOTH VOLUME with clear mylar protector. Gilt Phoenix image on front panel. 861 pages. Tall octavo. ... more

Price: $69.00

Holmes Publishing Group, 1994.

Custom hand bound monograph with special frosted parchment overlay and printed on a special fiber sheet; A FINE COPY. Dozens of Masonic and mystic symbols illustrate this work which shows, once again, General Pike's encyclopedic knowledge. The old Kabbalists symbolized the operations of Nature in a most perfect and beautiful... more

Price: $8.95

Charleston, 1884,(1899).

Text firm and clean, being free of markings; bookplate; Masonic Lodge bookplate; A VERY GOOD COPY. 170 pages. Octavo. ... more

Price: $150.00

[Charleston]: Grand Lodge, circa 1910.

Binding clean and firm; text is free of marking; bookplate; presentation copy with signatures; VERY GOOD+ CLOTH COPY. Contents: The Templar Dogma; the De iside et Osiride of Plutarch; Of Ineffable Words; Pythagoras-his Life & Doctrine; Hermes; The Royal Secret; Symbolic Camp; Sacred & Royal Arch; Kabalistic Triads; Symbols, Symbolism.... more

Price: $149.00

No place or publisher, 1948.

In original wraps as issued; A VERY GOOD COPY. Original Latin and English Translation of the original letters. [33], 52 pages. Octavo. ... more

Price: $55.00