• Author: Wynne-Tyson, Esme.

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London: Centaur Press Limited, 1972. 2nd Revised Edition.

FINE CLOTH COPY IN FINE DUST JACKET. 227 pages with index. Octavo. Mithras studied through the Epistles, the Gospels, the Magna Mater, the Apocalypse, and the later Alexandrians. 8vo. ... more

Price: $27.50

London: Vincent Stuart, 1962. FIRST EDITION.

A FINE CLOTH VOLUME in dust jacket. Examines the ancient Mystery Religions, Neo-Platonism, the Essenes, the Oracles -- a most interesting volume seeking the nature of compassion in the West. 282 pages, indexed. 8vo. ... more

Price: $20.00

London: Rider, 1958. FIRST EDITION.

Fine cloth copy in fine dust jacket. A study of the Mithraic tradition, and the various points of continued existence in the modern world. 227 pages. Octavo. ... more

Price: $46.50