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Holmes Publishing Group, 1988.

Hand bound monograph with parchment overlay; A FINE COPY. A work designed by the famed book artisan, Will Ransom. The quotations attributed to the Star-Goddess in this volume are from Liber Al vel Legis. Crowley-Thelema Series XI. Adrian Axworthy (ed.) ... more

Price: $9.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 1994.

Hand bound monograph with parchment overlay; A FINE COPY. Well done analysis which captures the initiatory drama of the Quest of the Grail. Includes numerous references to the works of Frater Perdurabo (Aleister Crowley). Crowley-Thelema series VII. Edited by Adrian Axworthy. ... more

Price: $9.95

Corpus Christi: At the Autumnal Equinox, 1992. Number Seventeen.

In side-bound wraps as issued; A FINE COPY with many articles and reviews on Crowley, magick, occult espionage, Diane Vera's column, "From the Dark Side" plus reviews and illustrations pertinent to Thelema, Crowley, Spare and magick. 54 pages. Edited by James Martin. ... more

Price: $25.00

W. Nottingham, NH: OMB, 1993. Limited to 56 numbered copies.

Booklet; FINE. Interesting Thelemic ephemeral content, possibly a reprint, though numbered. 8vo. ... more

Price: $17.50

Berkeley: J&E Cornelius, 2017. Limited Edition of 200 copies.

A FINE COPY. The names of Crowley’s many women lovers have presented an enigma to Thelemites over the years due to having been scattered in passing through many Crowley biographies, and in some cases, hidden away in private sources. J. Edward Cornelius has thoroughly researched, often in sources not widely... more

Price: $69.95

Berkeley: Cornelius, 2017. Limited 200 copies only, and signed by Cornelius.

A FINE CLOTH COPY. Based on Wagner’s PARSIFAL, Frater Achad published his unique interpretation of the play in 1923. His exploration of the mysticism and myth of the legend are based in Thelemic teachings. Although Achad did not source his use of the many quotations in text, or the use... more

Price: $49.95

Issue No. 9. Berkeley: Cornelius, 2001. LIMITED FIRST EDITION: 156 copies only.

In oversize wraps as issued; VERY FINE COPY printed on fibre text. 213 pages. Small quarto. ... more

Price: $300.00

Berkeley: Cornelius, 1997. LIMITED FIRST EDITION: 156 copies only.

In oversize wraps as issued; VERY FINE COPY printed on fibre text. 215 pages. Superb bibliographical citations -- indispensable for the collector or critic. Small quarto. ... more

Price: $311.00

Berkeley: Cornelius, 1999. LIMITED FIRST EDITION: 156 copies only.

In oversize wraps as issued; VERY FINE COPY printed on fiber text. Thelemic wit, satire, and maybe just a mite of occasional vitriol makes this a joy to read for those who can take it. [xviii], 220 pages, [2]. 4to. ... more

Price: $300.00

Berkeley: Cornelius, 1996. LIMITED FIRST EDITION: 156 copies only.

In oversize wraps as issued; VERY FINE COPY printed on fibre text. 201 pages. Small quarto. ... more

Price: $344.00

Berkeley: Cornelius, 1999. THE LIMITED FIRST EDITION: 156 copies only.

VERY FINE, unread copy. This First Edition is in oversize wraps as issued and printed on fiber text; 220 pages. Small 4to. Scarce in the original, and a controversial number later revised and edited. 4to. ... more

Price: $577.00

York Beach: Teitan Press, 2010. Limited edition of 777 hand numbered copies.

A FINE CLOTH VOLUME IN DUST JACKET. Illustrated with rare photographs. Edited, with an Introduction, by Henrik Bogdan. Foreword by Tony Matthews. 136 pages, indexed. Tall 8vo. Curwen's work under the pseudonym, Lapidus, remains a classic of 20th century alchemy. ... more

Price: $69.00

London: Mandrake Press & Holmes, 1992. DeLuxe Limited Edition.

Bound in red leather, marbled boards, all edges gilt, ribbon markers and enclosed in a matching red leather and marble slipcase. Plates for this set were made from the London First Edition and is exactly as issued, including the foldout of the "Book of the Law", making this the only... more

Price: $3,375.00

Sussex: Booklegger / Albion, 1971.

In stitched wraps as issued; A VERY GOOD+ COPY. Typescript mimeograph, un paginated. Square 8vo. ... more

Price: $147.00

Edmonds: Holmes Publishing Group, 2001.

Custom monograph; A FINE COPY. Limited to nine hand-numbered copies, initialed by the publisher on the verso. ... more

Price: $47.50

Cincinnati: Black Moon Publishing, 1985. FIRST EDITION.

In wraps as issued; two small faded spots along edge of front panel; else, A FINE COPY. 8vo. ... more

Price: $17.50

London: First Impressions (Mandrake Press & Holmes), 1992. FIRST EDITION. First Impressions Series, Volume One.

In quality wraps with illustrated front panel as issued; A FINE VOLUME. At the time of issue, this volume of Crowley's had never appeared in publication before. Includes the marginalia and corrections as this was produced AC's own copy, and includes his humorous indictment of Norman Mudd, the "book thief",... more

Price: $93.00

Mandrake facsimile edition (circa 1993) of the rare 1938 edition (including the order form) but otherwise no place, no date.

In wraps and nicely printed; FINE and unread. Out of Print. Small 8vo. 40 pages, plus a section of Crowley books forthcoming, being self-announced. ... more

Price: $23.75

Thame, UK: Mandrake Press Limited, 1992. FIRST EDITION.

Beautifully designed and illustrated. FINE CLOTH VOLUME in fine dust jacket. Limited edition of 750 hand-numbered copies of which this is number 62. ... more

Price: $69.00

Holmes Publishing Group, 1989.

Hand bound monograph with special parchment overlay. A FINE COPY. Crowley's geomantic study is an important tool of magic and divination. With tables and charts of instructions. Crowley-Thelema Series V. Adrian Axworthy, general editor. ... more

Price: $7.95