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Holmes Publishing Group, 1988. 091641163X

A work designed by the famed book artisan, Will Ransom. The quotations attributed to the Star-Goddess in this volume are from Liber Al vel Legis. Crowley - Thelema Series XI. Adrian Axworthy (ed.) Hand bound in wraps with parchment end papers. ... more

Price: $9.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 1994. 1558182845

Well done analysis which captures the initiatory drama of the Quest of the Grail. Includes numerous references to the works of Frater Perdurabo (Aleister Crowley). Hand bound. Crowley-Thelema series VII. Edited by Adrian Axworthy. ... more

Price: $9.95

Berkeley: Cornelius, 2017. Limited 200 copies only, and signed by Cornelius.

A FINE CLOTH COPY. Based on Wagner’s PARSIFAL, Frater Achad published his unique interpretation of the play in 1923. His exploration of the mysticism and myth of the legend are based in Thelemic teachings. Although Achad did not source his use of the many quotations in text, or the use... more

Price: $49.95

Stockholm: Edda Publishing, 2011. Limited to 418 hand-numbered copies.

A FINE COPY IN DUST JACKET. Edited, with an introduction, by William Breeze. Illustrated by Fredrik Söderberg. Four color printing. Limited Edition of 418 hand-numbered copies. Originally issued in 1898, Crowley used the pseudonym of George Archibald Bishop (a Neuropath of the Second Empire) as a veil though the name... more

Price: $122.00

Holmes Publishing Group, 1988. 1558181067

A most detailed analysis of the Universe of Kabbalistic symbolism and of number. Crowley-Thelema Series IV. Adrian Axworthy, general editor. ... more

Price: $7.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 2000. 1558181571

Crowley's geomantic study is an important tool of magic and divination. With tables and charts of instructions. Crowley - Thelema Series V. Adrian Axworthy, general editor. ... more

Price: $7.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 1995. 1558182705

Aleister's personal and philosophical observations at the Old Absinthe House in New Orleans, circa World War I. Absinthe is a green liqueur with an anise or licorice taste. It's high alcohol content made it popular with a number of literary figures. It is now banned in most countries due to... more

Price: $6.95

Holmes Publishing Group LLC 1558183205

Crowley's views on prohibition are certainly entertaining though it is suspected very few readers were amused at the time. Very jocular piece and informative about the drug's use in New York during the period after World War I. Crowley-Thelema series. Edited by Adrian Axworthy. ... more

Price: $5.95

Sequim: Holmes Publishing Group LLC, 2009. 1558183213

The original Enochian calls related to the scrying of Dee and Kelly with tables and English translation. Crowley - Thelema Studies series number 10. Edited, with new annotations, by Adrian Axworthy. ... more

Price: $9.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 2001. 1558184376

Crowley's mystical and magical study of the drug. "Nature teaches us, and the Oracles also affirm, that even the evil germs of matter may alike become useful and good." - Zoroaster. Hand bound wraps with parchment overlay. Crowley - Thelema series I. Edited, with notes and corrections, by Adrian Axworthy.... more

Price: $9.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 2001. 1558184384

With ten magickal illustrations and tables. On the mysteries of the Thirty Aethyrs (or Circles) of Existence. Edited by Adrian Axworthy. Crowley-Thelema Series II. Hand bound wraps with parchment overlay. ... more

Price: $7.95

Stockholm: Edda Publishing, 2013. Limited to 418 hand numbered copies.

A FINE CLOTH VOLUME IN FINE DUST JACKET. Edited with an introduction by Vere Chappel. Illustrated by Fredrik Söderberg with 38 pages of new illustration. While at his Scottish retreat Boleskine in 1903, Aleister Crowley decided to amuse his wife, Rose, and their friends by writing a pornographic tale –... more

Price: $93.00

Holmes Publishing Group, 1994. 1558183469

Fuller wrote this essay in 1927, and mounts an attack on the insensible polarity of progression and repression as he explores the magic and esoteric ideas of the Middle Ages. Crowley - Thelema series VI. Edited by Adrian Axworthy. Custom bound monograph. ... more

Price: $6.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 1993. 155818208X

The London Sunday Express ran a series of libelous articles about Crowley in 1922-23. Mudd termed these writings "a mess of lies" and denounced them in this most interesting form. Crowley - Thelema series VI. Adrian Axworthy, general editor. ... more

Price: $6.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 1997. 1558183558

Mint monograph, hand-bound, with Beardsley cover. Shah's study of the early erotic verse (mostly undergraduate) leading up to WHITE STAINS exposes some rather interesting sidelights on the character and needs of the literary side of Crowley - a facet of his personality much neglected.Crowley - Thelema series XIII. Adrian Axworthy,... more

Price: $8.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 1998. Limited edition of 122 copies. 1558183981

An original, and most interesting, monograph study of the art and magic of Austin Spare. The work chronicles the ostracism that plagued the artist throughout his life until is death in 1956. Includes illustrations from Spare and source material. Hand-bound with a special parchment end paper, and limited to 122... more

Price: $10.95