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London: First Impressions (Mandrake Press & Holmes), 1993. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

VERY FINE COPY in deLuxe binding of leather and marbled boards. A facsimile edition of Crowley’s personal copy of the first edition with his notes, marginalia, corrections, and a signature page. Together, with the twelve original copperplate engravings by Jean de Bosschere, but unlike other editions, these twelve engravings are... more

Price: $179.00

London: John M. Watkins, 1924. FIRST BARKER EDITION.

Corners slightly pushed; A VERY GOOD+ SET in dark green cloth with gilt titles. Translated by John Sparrow, and edited by C.J. Barker who also subsidized the printing of this and other Behmenist works by Watkins. Edges left untrimmed, and many pages still unopened. 981 pages with the Table of... more

Price: $288.00

New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1882. FIRST EDITION.

Decorated symbolic front panel in gilt; binding excellent; internals free of marking; A FINE COPY. Two full color moveable diagrams of the Zodiac and Summer Solstice, fine and complete. With additional illustrations by the author. 117 pages. Quarto, ... more

Price: $950.00

UK: Xoanon Publishing, 2002. Sethos Edition, limited of 484 copies only, of which this is 303.

A FINE PREMIUM CLOTH COPY in dark Hollen-green cloth, custom end papers, gilt device on front panel, and spine titles. Illustrated. [x], 366 pages. Royal octavo. ... more

Price: $1,450.00

A treasure trove of material on the subterranean worlds, UFOs, polar legends, aliens under ice, occult geology, theory of concentric spheres, Shambhalla and the King of the World, and the Hollow Earth movement. Made up of photocopies, articles, clippings, newsletters, book reviews, maps, and other ephemera, this collection weighs seven... more

Price: $533.00

London: Fulgur Esoterica, 2009-2015. Limited, hand-numbered volumes.

A FINE SET IN FINE DUST JACKETS. Beautifully printed on custom sheets. Each volume carries the alchemical work into the field of art by color association with the magical steps to the Stone: Red, Gold, Black & White. Quarto volumes. Includes CONJUNCTIO; COAGULA; SOLVE; and the last volume, DISTILLATIO. Tall... more

Price: $569.00

Three Hands Press, 2015. Hand-numbered limited edition of 27 copies only.

A FINE COPY BOUND IN FULL MAHOGANY GOATSKIN with marbled end papers. Illustrated by Raven Ebner in color. 560 pages. From ancient times to the present, humanity has wielded a plenitude of formulae for the making and manipulation of magical images. In western esoteric traditions, where image magic is particularly... more

Price: $1,088.00

Hercules: Three Hands Press, 2016. Limited DeLuxe Edition of 49 hand-numbered copies only.

Quarter bound in red goatskin with corners and marbled panels; custom metallic marbled end papers; A FINE COPY. Numerous illustrations accompany the text and essays in both color and black and white. This new work gathers together twelve essays and rituals on The Lady Babalon by scholars, practitioners, and allies... more

Price: $422.00

California: Shasta Abbey, 1973-75.

VERY GOOD+ SET of these scarce journals which have been bound in spiral wraps by a previous collector. There are three volumes beginning at Vol. II, No. 1. Strongly flavored by the Soto Zen tradition. 750-800 pages. ... more

Price: $188.00

Hercules: Three Hands Press, 2015. Limited Special Edition of 50 hand-numbered copies.

Bound in full bistre Goatskin, marbled end papers, and gilded panel impressions by James Dunk. A FINE COPY IN SLIPCASE. 192 pages. Octavo. A Collection of Thirteen Works of Occult Fiction by many of the genre's best known writers.The locus of this anthology lies in tales that embody a metaphysical... more

Price: $688.00

London: Starfire Publishing Limited, 1997. FIRST EDITION, limited to 950 copies.

A FINE CLOTH COPY in fine dust jacket. First issue of this novel that sets the stage for the final book of the Trilogies, THE NINTH ARCH, Octavo. ... more

Price: $188.00

Hercules: Three Hands, 2013. Limited to 66 hand-numbered copies only.

A FINE VOLUME, bound in full Turquoise goat with gilt titles and front panel vignette, and marbled end papers. One hundred eleven only, hand-numbered. With ten original illustrations by Carolyn Hamilton-Giles. Custom designed binding by Daniel Schulke with special text papers. This new work on magical states suggests that for... more

Price: $644.00

London: Scarlet Imprint, 2014. Special deLuxe Edition of 40 copies only. This is hand-numbered copy 19.

Quarter bound in black Morocco and ivory silk with impressed illustration with cutaway, custom marbled end papers, all edges silvered, ribbon marker, in slip case. A FINE COPY. With thirty one black & white photos by Paul Lambert. 93 pages. Landscape octavo. ... more

Price: $988.00

Richmond Vista, CA: Three Hands Press, 2011. DeLuxe Edition of 161 copies only bound in heavy black linen, hand-numbered, in dust jacket and custom slipcase.

A FINE COPY. 344 pages. Illustrated throughout, many in color. Definitive exposition of the roots of ancient, traditional witchcraft based on such lights as Robert Cochrane, Andrew Chumbley, Evan John Jones, and others. ... more

Price: $288.00

Richmond Vista, CA: Three Hands Press, 2011. Limited edition of 10 copies only of which this is number seven.

A FINE VOLUME BOUND IN FULL PEBBLED CALF with slipcase, marbled ends, ribbon marker, and specially designed front panel impression of the Moon, thus, the edition is referred to as the MOON SPECIAL ISSUE. Illustrated throughout, many in color, by Liv Rainey-Smith. Definitive exposition of the roots of ancient, traditional... more

Price: $1,344.00

Richmond Vista, CA: Three Hands Press, 2012-14. Limited Editions in custom crafted slipcase.

Bound in premium cloth, custom end papers, in matching dust jackets. A FINE SET issued as a specialy designed l limited slipcase with silvered device on the panels. The series includes I. MYSTICISM: Initiation and Dream. II. THE DEVIL'S RAIMENTS: Habiliments of the Witches' Craft. III. MAGIC CIRCLES IN THE... more

Price: $349.00

Cambridge, MD: Western Publishing Co., 1978. Limited to 1000 copies. [Memoirs of the Alma Egan Hyatt Foundation]

A FINE VOLUME, bound quarter cloth with paper boards. Massive research volume on natural folk magick and witchcraft. Partial contents: Salt and its Combinations; Black Cat Lucky Bone; Frog and Toadfrog; Hag and Witch Return; Bat, the Leather Wing; and a catchall for rites defying usual classification. [x], 975 pages,... more

Price: $329.00

Cambridge, MD: Western Publishing Co., 1973. Limited to 1000 copies. [Memoirs of the Alma Egan Hyatt Foundation]

A FINE VOLUME, bound quarter cloth with paper boards. Massive research volume on natural folk magick and witchcraft. "This field collection of folk beliefs relating to the subjects in the title is immediately a classic. Nothing will surpass it, and the material can never again be remotely captured as it... more

Price: $319.00

London: for G. G. & J. Robinson and R.H. Evans (successor to Mr. Edwards), 1799. FIRST EDITION.

The set bound in full leather with marbled edges and end papers; internals crisp and fine with no markings; volumes are well worn to the exterior with rubbing and edge wear; the rear board on Vol. I near detached and the front board of Vol. IV. detached. GOOD SET ONLY,... more

Price: $650.00