THREE TRACTS OF THE GREAT MEDICINE OF PHILOSOPHERS FOR HUMANE AND METALLINE BODIES. I. Intituled, Ars Metallorum Metamorphoses (The Art of the Transmutation of Metalls). II. Brevis Manuductio ad Rubinum Coelestum (A Short Manuduction to the CŠlestial Ruby). II. Fons ChymicŠ PhilosophiŠ (The Fountain of Chymical Philosophy). All Written in Latine by EirenŠus Philalethes, Cosmopolita. Translated into English for the Benefit of the Studious By a Lover of Art and Them.

Philalethes, EireŠneus. [George Starkey]

Masonic bookplate of the London Lodge; full leather binding with bands, antiquarian binding and worn around the edges, but firm; two old labels but no titles on spine; collated complete with the following anomalies - Tract I: pagination misnumbered between chapters III & IV, moving from page 48 to 65


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