THE HERMETIC ART: An Introduction to the Art of Alchemy; the text of the Hermetic Sermons, entitled, The Greatest Ill among Men is Ignorance of God, That no one of Existing Things Doth Perish, and the Sermon on Thought and Sense; Together with: The Esoteric Commentary, giving in Full the Esoteric Key to these Three Great Sermons, the Official Interpretation of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Atlantis, and the Official Text Book in the Hermetic Art.

Raleigh, Albert Sydney.

VERY GOOD+ cloth copy in the Raleigh style with gilt titles and lined panels. Frontispiece portrait of Raleigh. Lesson I: The ill of ignorance and That no one of existing things doth perish, but men in error speak of their changes as destructions and as deaths. Lesson II: The limitation


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