• Author: Hawkins, Jaq D.

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UK: Capall-Bann,

Quality trade paper edition; A FINE COPY. In this third volume of the Spirits of the Elements Series, we encounter yet a new perspective of elemental spirits and find ourselves confronted with all of the passion and intensity, and even the dangers, of the element of Fire. Included are new... more

Price: $23.95

UK: Capall-Bann, 2006.

Quality trade paper edition; A FINE COPY. Throughout history, women have practiced the arts of magic. Sometimes in secret, her inherent affinity with the realm of the arcane feared in some cultures by her male counterpart, women have taken roles in magic ranging from Temple Priestesses to practicing Alchemists. Octavo.... more

Price: $26.95

UK: Capall-Bann, 2001.

Quality trade paper edition; A FINE COPY. A difficult subject indeed, but this introductory work is for a widespread audience ranging from the neophyte to the serious practitioner looking to learn more about this enigmatic practice. Chaos magic has its own special terms, an esoteric language, that is fully covered... more

Price: $32.95