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Oregon: Ajna, 2019. Limited to 500 copies only.

A FINE CLOTH COPY, Smythe-sewn, bound in sand cloth, blind-embossed cover and spine, with special custom crimson textured end papers. Heavily illustrated with nineteen plates, and 15 additional illustrations en texte. New foreword by Egyptologist Anne Landborg, and includes an updated, extensive bibliography. A great feature of this new edition... more

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Berkeley: Cornelius, 2020. Limited to 200 signed copies.

FINE HARDCOVER VOLUME, bound in red, in tall octavo. Frater Achad is one of the most important personages in Thelemic history. His discoveries of magickal secrets, even secrets that Aleister Crowley was oblivious to, and includes the critical number 31, and how 31 (AL) x 3 gods = 93, and... more

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Jacksonville, OR: Ajna Publishing, 2019.

Quality paper edition with French fold jacket; A FINE COPY. This work is an exploration of the Qliphoth and the dark mysteries which have for so long been a repressed part of western esotericism, and contains more than one hundred demonic sigils and other pieces of art which were commissioned... more

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London: Atlantis Bookshop, 1992. Vol. II, number 2.

A FINE COPY in tall glossy wraps as issued. Material by Marian Green, Leo Vinci, Michael Juste, James Sturzaker, Gerald Yorke, Joscelyn Godwin, and a 1932 Interview with Austin Spare. Also, included a half page ad by JD Holmes, and a full color back page devoted to the release of... more

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Lund: Avd. för idé- och lärdomshistoria, 2001. FIRST EDITION. Review copy with slip laid in.

In text wraps as issued, sewn; slight crease on front panel, else, A FINE COPY. Primary Printed Sources. 373 pages, indexed. Octavo. ... more

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Thame: Mandrake Press Booklets 12, 1993.

A FINE COPY in custom wraps as issued. Annotations. 20 pages. Octavo. ... more

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Italy: Migliussi, 1991. First Edition, limited, of 111 copies of which this is hand number seventy.

In custom wraps and enamel papers; A FINE COPY, illustrated. Text in Italian. Small 4to. ... more

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Cornwall: Museum of Witchcraft, 2011.

In custom wraps as issued; A FINE COPY, heavily illustrated in color, and printed on a fine coated sheet. With two ephemeral items laid in. 28 pages. Octavo. ... more

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Edmonds: Holmes Publishing Group, 2001. Standard Edition.

Custom monograph in white wraps as issued; A FINE COPY. Out of Print. 20 pages. 8vo. ... more

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Thame: Mandrake Press, 1999. FIRST UK EDITION; Edmonds: Holmes Publishing Group, 1999. First Edition, limited to 22 copies with laid in card; UK: Privately Published Supplement, 2005.

Three volumes in stitched wraps as issued; FINE COPIES in vinyl sleeve for max protection. Illustrated. Reference to Spare's literary works, exhibition catalogues, contributions to magazine and the hundreds of places the artist (sometimes in other guises) can be found, including fanzines, short stories, and art references. Supplement volume has... more

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London: Troy Books, 2019. With signed plate by Thomas laid in.

Custom end papers; A FINE CLOTH COPY, no jacket issued. Focus is on the county of Norfolk and its Nameless Tradition of magic and witchcraft. The spiritual energy which informs and powers this magic wells up from the land itself and from the Chalk and Flint which have shaped the... more

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Spain: Primal Craft, 2017. LIMITED EDITION of 499 hand numbered copies, signed and sigilised by the author.

A FINE PREMIUM COPY, bound in royal blue suede, with gilt vignette adorning front panel. A study of Lucifer. Illustrated with fifteen plates, plus more than a one hundred sigils. 336 pages. Royal Octavo. ... more

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London: Starfire, 2014. Limited Edition.

In quality trade wraps as issued; A FINE COPY. Liber Lilith is a powerful and disturbing novel which charts the disintegration of a German occultist, Karl Steiger, who comes across an ancient grimoire which sets out rites by means of which the great demoness Lilith may be called forth. The... more

Price: $250.00

Hercules, CA: Three Hands Press, 2014. Limited Edition.

A FINE PREMIUM CLOTH COPY in fine dust jacket. Profusely illustrated by renowned Finnish engraver, Timo Ketola. Contents: The Magic of History: Some Considerations / Andrew Chumbley; A Family Craft Tradition / Douglas McIlwain; Killing the Moon: Witchcraft Initiations in the Mountains of the Southern United States / Corey Hutchenson;... more

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Hercules, CA: Xoanon Publishing, 2012. Special DeLuxe, Limited to 740 hand numbered copies of which this is number 282.

A FINE COPY in fine dust jacket. EIKOSTOS, a Greek word meaning 'Twentieth', is a complete historical bibliography of the first two decades of Xoanon Limited. Fully illustrated in color and black and white, it details the history, specifications and arcana of each Xoanon title. The text draws upon previously... more

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New York: Magus MS Series, 1973.

Loose sheets laid in folder; FINE. With a biographical note by the editor. Several pages of cryptographic alphabets used in medieval magic, each related to its English equivalents. 19 pages. ... more

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London: Atramentous Press, 2017. Limited Edition of 891 signed and hand-numbered copies.

A Fine Copy bound in premium dark Emerald cloth with specially designed, foil-pressed, dust jacket, custom end papers, and ribbon marker. This new book from Peter Hamilton-Giles, author of THE AFFLICTED MIRROR, proposes that the archetypal witch, as a conduit for magical Understanding, remains remote to us. Both historical records... more

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Munich: Theion, 2017. Limited First Edition to 725 copies only.

A FINE COPY, bound in premium cloth, with custom moiré end papers, headbands, and embossed Saturnian panel, and printed on a special sheet of Design paper, wood-free. Color frontispiece by Erica Fervel. Appendices of the 72 Spirits, and the magical numbers of the Hours. Published posthumously as Dr. Moros passed... more

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UK: Capall-Bann, 2001.

Quality trade paper edition; A FINE COPY, never released in cloth. Nigel Pennick traces the history and use of subterranea and explores the myths and legends that they have inspired. This panoramic survey includes the legend of the vast tunnel system beneath the Andes, the majestic and awesome Oracle of... more

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UK: Capall-Bann, 2001.

Quality trade paper edition; A FINE COPY. Describes the magical workings and beliefs of a branch of traditional witchcraft carried out by the pagan Fryske and surviving into the present day. 8vo. ... more

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