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Jacksonville, OR: Ajna Publishing, 2019.

Quality paper edition with French fold jacket; A FINE COPY. This work is an exploration of the Qliphoth and the dark mysteries which have for so long been a repressed part of western esotericism, and contains more than one hundred demonic sigils and other pieces of art which were commissioned... more

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Oxon: Day Books, 1998. FIRST EDITION.

VERY FINE cloth volume in FINE dust jacket. 369 pages with index. Exceptional annotation. Tall 8vo. ... more

Price: $125.00

New York: Oxford University Press, 1989. FIRST EDITION.

A Fine premium cloth copy in fine dust jacket. 294 pages with index. Octavo. ... more

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UK: Capall Bann, 1996

A FINE COPY in a quality trade paper edition. Introduction by Michael Howard. A unique and detailed study of the Horned God in the traditions of Britain and Europe, concentrating on the natural and mystical facets of this most compelling and enduring of archetypes. With the rituals offered in the... more

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UK: Capall-Bann, 2004.

Quality trade paper edition; A FINE COPY. Volume penetrates the ancient ideas of the origin of the Angels, the pagan deities and the battle with early Christianity, the myth of the Great Flood, faeries and djinns, the female consort of Lucifer, and the symbolism of the Nephalim. By the author... more

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London: Wellcome Institute of the History of Medicine, 1971. First Edition.

A FINE PREMIUM CLOTH SET in dust jackets. A history of hallucination, oracles, religious experiences, and mystic visions pertaining to the religions and mysteries of the ancient Middle East, and especially focused on the rites and rituals. Text: [xii], 829 pages, indexed. Supplement: [xiii], 233 pages. Royal octavo. ... more

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Dover: Scarlet Imprint, 2012. Limited to 800 hand-numbered copies.

A FINE CLOTH VOLUME with custom end papers and front panel vignette blocked in red. Contents include: Peter Grey's "Preamble: Standing Still"; Jake Stratton-Kent's "Necromancy: The Role of the Dead in a Living Tradition" & "Magic at the Crossroads" Aaron Leitch's "Folk Traditions and the Solomonic Revival"; Stephen Grasso's "... more

Price: $85.00

York Beach, ME: Teitan Press (for The College of Northern Thelema), 2010-12. Limited numbered editions.

A FINE SET IN FINE DUST JACKETS. Volume One is limited to 777 hand-numbered copies, and Volume Two is restricted to 666 copies, both hand-numbered. Special book plate, signed by all three editors, mounted in Volume Two. Tall 8vo ... more

Price: $195.00

Thame: First Impressions [Mandrake Press & Holmes], 1992. Limited Edition of 25 numbered copies only.

A FINE CLOTH COPY, custom bound for Holmes in blue cloth in an edition of twenty five copies only, hand-numbered and initialed by the publisher on the verso. Colored frontis, and exact in text and size as the first printing from which this was shot, Being the Equinox, Vol. III,... more

Price: $450.00

York Beach: Teitan, 2011. First Edition, limited to 650 hand numbered copies only.

A FINE CLOTH VOLUME with special bookplate signed by Sileris Manus who wrote the Introduction. Colored frontispiece, [xvi], 46 pages, (vi), with forty facsimile pages from the original manuscript appended. Square octavo. ... more

Price: $349.00

London: Troy Books, 2018. Special deLuxe Edition of 350 hand-numbered copies only with laid in book plate signed byt the author,.

Bound in a Butterscotch faux leather binding, with gold foil blocking to the panel and spine, custom black endpapers, with head and tail bands. A FINE COPY. The volume si illustrated with drawings and photographs from various Edlermans collections, plus an additional 16 pages of color holographic plates. 414 pages.... more

Price: $100.00

York Beach: Samuel Weiser, 2000.

The cut out of the colored Cube for Customizing a Person's Symbolic Cube as a cut out from the rear of the volume, and the pictorial cube frontispiece. Both often found missing entirley from David's book. FINE COPIES. ... more

Price: $20.00

UK: Scarlet Imprint, 2012. Limited edition of 769 copies, hand-numbered.

Bound in black silk with tipped paper figure on front panel; custom red end papers; A VERY FINE COPY. Edited by Peter Grey and Troy Chambers. Pen and ink drawings by Enoque Zedro with additional seals by the same artist. 336 pages with glossary and bibliography. Royal octavo. ... more

Price: $165.00

UK: Orange Box, 2011. Limited to 666 copies with signed card (Cole) laid in.

Tall quarto in wraps as issued; illustrated; A FINE COPY in original plastic protector. Introduction by Sandy Robertson, Edited by Sadie Sparkes. Thirty-three facsimile reproductions of rare articles relating to Aleister Crowley, drawn from a variety of magazines published between 1939 and 1982 and compiled from the Culpeper collection. 284... more

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Xoanon / Ouroboros, 2013. Limited to 125 copies only of which this is number One.

Bound in full leather with banded spine with titles; special broadside "The Vision of Sir Geo. Ripley" laid in; A FINE COPY. Original art work by Tomasz Allen Kopera, Rima Staines, Ben Tolman, Joseph Uccello, Tom Allen, Sasan Saidi, Hagen Von Tulien, & Johnny Jakobsson. Tall 4to. ... more

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London: Starfire Publishing, 1991. Volume One, number 4.

Oversize 4to. In quality wraps as issued; A VERY FINE COPY, unread. Articles and reviews on the works of Crowley, Grant, Spare, etc. 80 pages. Illustrated with drawings. ... more

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UK: Capall-Bann, 2004.

Quality trade paper edition; A FINE COPY. Exploration of the fascinating Earth/Moon goddess of Neolithic times. Matriarchal creation myth is the basis of the volume and a fascinating search for the "proto-myth" from the British Isles to the Indus Valley. 292 pages. Octavo. ... more

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UK: Capall-Bann, 1994.

A FINE NEW COPY. Quality trade paper edition. George Pickingill (1816 - 1909) was said to be the leader of the witches in Canewdon, Essex. In detailed correspondence with The Wiccan & The Cauldron magazines from 1974-1994, W.E. Liddell, under his pen name Lugh, claimed to be a member of... more

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Wellingborough: The Aquarian Press, 1986. Enlarged Edition.

A FINE COPY in quality wraps as issued. Contributory article by Robert Cousins, the Latin translation by Christopher Upton, and illustrated by Charles H. Cattell. Illustrated, including photographs related to Dr. Dee. 126 pages. 8vo. ... more

Price: $69.00

London: Fulgur, 1997-2009. FIRST TRADE EDITIONS.

A FINE SET without dust jackets. These are important sketchbooks of immensely powerful line drawings from 1924 which directly communicates that peculiar ecstatic energy which is at the heart of the cultus of which Spare was an adept. The volume includes a prophetic excerpt from Spare's unpublished writings, with a... more

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