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Holmes Publishing Group, 1993.

Hand bound monograph with parchment overlay; A FINE COPY. The London Sunday Express ran a series of libelous articles about Crowley in 1922-23. Mudd termed these writings "a mess of lies" and denounced them in this most interesting form. Crowley-Thelema series VI. Adrian Axworthy, general editor. ... more

Price: $5.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 1994.

Hand bound monograph with parchment overlay; A FINE COPY. Fuller wrote this essay in 1927, and mounts an attack on the insensible polarity of progression and repression as he explores the magic and esoteric ideas of the Middle Ages. Crowley-Thelema series VI. Edited by Adrian Axworthy. Custom bound monograph. ... more

Price: $7.95

Alexandria: Time-Life Books, no date.

A FINE UNREAD HARDCOVER COPY. Quarto volume with excellent color plates and reproductions. Emphasis on alchemy, the Masons, Golden Dawn, Crowley and other magickal orders. ... more

Price: $10.00

NY: Paragon House, 1991. FIRST EDITION.

FINE COPY IN FINE DUST JACKET. 296 pages, indexed. Tall octavo. ... more

Price: $23.00

Rushden: Fuller D'Arch Smith, 1992. FIRST EDITION.

FINE CLOTH COPY IN FINE DUST JACKET. Tall 4to. with photos and drawings. Fuller wrote on the Paris Working of Neuberg & Crowley, and contributed a biography of St. Germain as well. 4to. ... more

Price: $33.00

Berkeley: Cornelius, 2018. Limited to 200 signed copies only.

A FINE CLOTH VOLUME. Further insight into Thelemic studies, and consists of 120 questions & answers about important issues in the theory and practice of Aleister Crowley's philosophy of THELEMA, or Will as in Is Thelema a religion? Who are the Secret Chiefs? What are the Khabs and the Khu?... more

Price: $38.95

Albany: SUNY Press, 1996. FIRST EDITION.

In academic wraps as issued; A FINE COPY. An excellent reference work on contemporary pagan movements, includijng the OTO, with a first class reading list following each article. [vi], 424 pages, indexed. Octavo. ... more

Price: $45.00

York Beach: The Teitan Press, 2009. FIRST EDITION, limited to 666 hand numbered copies of which this 430;.

A FINE CLOTH COPY in fine dust jacket. Edited by Keith Richmond. 146 pages. Tall 8vo. ... more

Price: $50.00

Berkeley: Cornelius, 2019. Limited, signed edtion of 200 copies only.

A FINE CLOTH COPY. This promises to be a scandalous book detailing many of the events which took place during the satanic scare of the late 1980s and early 1990s. It also reflects on the move of the OTO from California to New York during this time, and some of... more

Price: $69.95

London: The Richards Press, 1953. FIRST EDITION.

VERY GOOD+ or better cloth copy in the dust jacket. This series of literary portraits (Wilde, Powys, Crowley, etc.) are gems of the genre. Includes Crowley's amusing recount of the hunting of the Haggis. Octavo. ... more

Price: $88.00

Thame, UK: IHO Publications, 2000.

In quality wraps as issued; A VERY FINE COPY. Presewmtation copy to JDH, signed by A.R. Naylor on the title page. Octavo. ... more

Price: $95.00

London: First Impressions (Mandrake Press & Holmes), 1993.

A FINE COPY of the standard cloth edition. With stamped foil front panel. The original plates are reproduced from Anais Nin's copy -- she applied a colored wash to each of the erotic plates. Translated by Aleister Crowley, and illustrated with erotic drawings, by Jean de Bosschere. Only 150 copies... more

Price: $119.00

London: First Impressions (Mandrake Press & Holmes), 1993. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

VERY FINE COPY in DeLuxe binding of leather and marbled boards. A facsimile edition of Crowley's personal copy of the first edition with his notes and corrections; Together with 12 engravings by Jean deBosschere (taken from the second edition); Together with (FOR THE FIRST TIME!), the twelve engravings reproduced from... more

Price: $125.00

London: First Impressions (Mandrake Press & Holmes), 1993. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

A FINE COPY in deLuxe binding of leather and marbled boards. A facsimile edition of Crowley's personal copy from the Yorke collection edition with his notes, marginalia, corrections, and signature page. Combined with the twelve original copperplate engravings by Jean de Bosschere, but unlike other editions, these twelve engravings are... more

Price: $169.00


Fine copy in oversize wraps as issued with illustrations, some in color. 174 pages. Small 4to. True first editon with the gfilt titles on front panel..Signed by A.R. Naylor on the title page. ... more

Price: $244.00

London: Pindar Press, 1997. FIRST EDITION. This copy numbered 10 of 11 and signed by Symonds and Naylor.

VERY FINE (mint) cloth copy in fine dust jacket with a special color limitation plate tipped in at the half title. 608 pages with a new index. A new issue of the evolving "Life" with much new material, and finally, with an index compiled by A.R. Naylor. Two color plates... more

Price: $622.00