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Berkeley, CA: Cornelius, 2018. Limited to 200 signed copies only.

A FINE CLOTH COPY. In this book, J. Edward Cornelius recounts the history of the A ∴ A ∴ from its inception to the present, but mainly documenting a period when the Order as a whole was under direct threat of extinction from within. 251 pages, Tall 8vo. ... more

Price: $59.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 1988.

Hand bound monograph with parchment overlay; A FINE COPY. A most detailed analysis of the Universe of Kabbalistic symbolism and of number. Crowley-Thelema Series IV. Adrian Axworthy, general editor. ... more

Price: $7.95

Holmes Publishing Group, 1994.

Hand bound monograph with parchment overlay; A FINE COPY. Well done analysis which captures the initiatory drama of the Quest of the Grail. Includes numerous references to the works of Frater Perdurabo (Aleister Crowley). Crowley-Thelema series VII. Edited by Adrian Axworthy. ... more

Price: $9.95

UK: Mandrake, 1990.

Quality trade paper edition; A FINE COPY, unopened and unread, with illustrations. 263 pages plus index. Detailed account of the Paris Working with Aleister Crowley plus a number of rare photos. Original oil portrait of Vickybird by Fuller graces the front cover of this edition. OUT OF PRINT. ... more

Price: $10.95

London: Skoob Publishing, 1991.

Tall oversized periodical printed on coated stock; VERY GOOD or better. Includes "The Stellar Lode" by Grant, Drury's article on Rosaleen Norton, and an interesting contribution by Ezio Albrile on "Ecstasy in East and West." Edited by Chris Johnson and Caroline Wise. 48 pages with some color. ... more

Price: $49.50

Mandrake facsimile edition (circa 1993) of the rare 1938 edition (including the order form) but otherwise no place, no date.

In wraps and nicely printed; FINE and unread. Out of Print. Small 8vo. 40 pages, plus a section of Crowley books forthcoming, being self-announced. ... more

Price: $23.75

London: The October Gallery (under the auspices of OTO Intl.), 1998.

In tall illustrated wraps as issued; A FINE COPY with the original Exhibit Guide laid in. With 45 illustrations and plates, plus a frontispiece of Crowley at his art work in 1919. Tall 4to. In special Mylar sleeve. ... more

Price: $111.00

Sussex: Booklegger / Albion, 1971.

In stitched wraps as issued; A VERY GOOD+ COPY. Typescript mimeograph, un paginated. Square 8vo. ... more

Price: $147.00

Thame: Mandrake Press, 1999. FIRST UK EDITION.

Booklet; A FINE COPY. Illustrated. Reference to Spare's literary works, exhibition catalogues, contributions to magazine and the hundreds of places the artist (sometimes in other guises) can be found, including fanzines, short stories, and art references. ... more

Price: $45.00

Edmonds: Holmes Publishing Group, 1999. FIRST EDITION. Limited to twenty-two copies.

Fine hand-crafted monograph with numbered acknowledgment card for contributors (a Who's Who of Spare aficionados and researchers) laid in and signed by the publisher with initialed number on the verso. This card made necessary when the publisher forgot to include the information on the verso. Limited edition of 22 copies... more

Price: $37.50

Berkeley: Cornelius, 1999. THE LIMITED FIRST EDITION: 156 copies only.

VERY FINE, unread copy. This First Edition is in oversize wraps as issued and printed on fiber text; 220 pages. Small 4to. Scarce in the original, and a controversial number later revised and edited. 4to. ... more

Price: $577.00

Cincinnati: Black Moon Publishing, 1985. FIRST EDITION.

In wraps as issued; two small faded spots along edge of front panel; else, A FINE COPY. 8vo. ... more

Price: $17.50

Corpus Christi: At the Autumnal Equinox, 1992. Number Seventeen.

In side-bound wraps as issued; A FINE COPY with many articles and reviews on Crowley, magick, occult espionage, Diane Vera's column, "From the Dark Side" plus reviews and illustrations pertinent to Thelema, Crowley, Spare and magick. 54 pages. Edited by James Martin. ... more

Price: $25.00

London: George Redway, 1887. FIRST EDITION.

Inscription and book plate; light wear to spine ends; VERY GOOD+ cloth in original binding. With nine plates, three of which are folding. 359 pages, indexed, plus 16 page Redway catalogue. Translated into English from the Latin version of Knorr von Rosenroth. Octavo. ... more

Price: $575.00

Issue No. 9. Berkeley: Cornelius, 2001. LIMITED FIRST EDITION: 156 copies only.

In oversize wraps as issued; VERY FINE COPY printed on fibre text. 213 pages. Small quarto. ... more

Price: $300.00

Berkeley: Cornelius, 1997. LIMITED FIRST EDITION: 156 copies only.

In oversize wraps as issued; VERY FINE COPY printed on fibre text. 215 pages. Superb bibliographical citations -- indispensable for the collector or critic. Small quarto. ... more

Price: $311.00

Berkeley: Cornelius, 1996. LIMITED FIRST EDITION: 156 copies only.

In oversize wraps as issued; VERY FINE COPY printed on fibre text. 201 pages. Small quarto. ... more

Price: $344.00

Italy: Migliussi, 1991. Limited edition of 111 copies of which this is number 70.

In custom wraps and enamel papers; A FINE COPY, illustrated. Text in Italian. ... more

Price: $45.00

Thame: Mandrake Press Limited, 1992. Limited Edition of 750 copies only.

Fine cloth copy in fine dust jacket. Illustrated with many seldom seen photos. This series of literary portraits (Wilde, Powys, Crowley, etc.) are gems of the genre, and includes Crowley's amusing recount of the hunting of the Haggis. Number 254 of 750. ... more

Price: $45.00

W. Nottingham, NH: OMB, 1993. Limited to 56 numbered copies.

Booklet; FINE. Interesting Thelemic ephemeral content, possibly a reprint, though numbered. 8vo. ... more

Price: $17.50