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Berkeley: Cornelius, 2018. Limited to 200, signed copies only.

A FINE HARDBACK COPY. Limited to 200 copies only, all copies signed. 337 pages. Another excellent contribution by J.E. Cornelius to Thelemic research and practice, and a volume that he calls his most "provocative" yet. Among the essays present are "the critical practice of Liber ThIShARB, which develops the Magickal... more

Price: $69.95

Berkeley, CA: Cornelius, 2018. Limited to 200 signed copies only.

A FINE CLOTH COPY. A very unusual volume of more than 1770 listings by birth date of the characters, poseurs, and teachers that have carried forward occult ideas often into the mainstream, and some which hid them exceeding well, together with those notorious and foolish, but not necessarily both. Edited... more

Price: $72.95

London: Fulgur Limited, 2006. Limited to 777 copies only, numbered and slipcased.

Lower corner bruised on book and slipcased; special price; else, a VERY GOOD+ CLOTH COPY in dust jacket. Printed on semi-coated Italian GardaPat matte in full color. The plates have been further heightened with gold and silver accents. Incidentally, these plates were produced from the original paintings and not from... more

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UK: Capall-Bann, 1994.

A FINE NEW COPY. Quality trade paper edition. George Pickingill (1816 - 1909) was said to be the leader of the witches in Canewdon, Essex. In detailed correspondence with The Wiccan & The Cauldron magazines from 1974-1994, W.E. Liddell, under his pen name Lugh, claimed to be a member of... more

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Thame: Mandrake Press Ltd., 1993. First Issue.

In Aberlave cloth folder as originally issued; A FINE SET. This was issued as an adjunct to the publishing of the First Impressions series which showcased many rare literary works by Crowley. Tall 4to. ... more

Price: $77.00

London: Skoob, 1991. FIRST EDITION.

Colored title page; FINE CLOTH VOLUME in fine dust jacket. Kenneth Grant's reflections on Aleister Crowley with original letters & photographs. Quarto. 66 pages. ... more

Price: $69.00

Des Plaines: Yogi Publication Society, [1970].

A FINE SET; dust jackets not issued. A facsimile of the edition published by the Society for the Propagation of Religious Truth in 1905-1907. Classic volumes of early Thelema. V. 1 - 269 pages: Aceldama;. The Tale of Archais; Songs of the Spirit; The Poem. Jephthah, Mysteries, Jezebel, and other... more

Price: $149.00

New York: Magickal Childe Publishing, 1989.

A FINE HARDCOVER COPY. No dust jacket was issued. Gilt titles to the spine and panels. [ix], 65 pages, plus eight page Magickal Childe catalogue. 4to. ... more

Price: $225.00

Berkeley, CA: Cornelius, 2018. Limited to 200 signed copies only.

A FINE CLOTH COPY. In this book, J. Edward Cornelius recounts the history of the A ? A ? from its inception to the present, but mainly documenting a period when the Order as a whole was under direct threat of extinction from within. 251 pages. Tall 8vo. ... more

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Sydney: House 418 [OTO of Australia], 24. Limited to 200 copies only.

A FINE COPY in tall custom wraps as issued, and printed entirely on coat as most premium art publications are. Thelemic themes, art work, essays on the Tarot and the qliphoth, and magical workings. 238 pages. Tall 4to. Out of Print. ... more

Price: $85.00

NM: Desert Star Temple, 2011. Limited to 150 copies.

A FINE HARDCOVER COPY with signed bookplate on the front free end paper. The author was a member of "Solar Lodge", a Thelemic group. 158 pages, illustrated. Tall 8vo. Out of Print. ... more

Price: $149.00

Lake Worth: Ibis Books, 2009. FIRST EDITION.

A Fine Cloth Copy in fine dust jacket. Thelemic studies by a member of the A-A-, and this is a class B publication. Well illustrated. Excellent bibliography. 223 pages. Royal octavo. ... more

Price: $49.00

York Beach: The Teitan Press, 2007. FIRST EDITION, limited to 418 copies only.

A FINE CLOTH VOLUME IN FINE DUST JACKET. The Crowley movement in the USA during the sixties, plus much on doctrine, rare illustrations, etc. 183 pages, indexed. Tall Octavo. ... more

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Fine copy in oversize wraps with illustrations, some in color. 174 pages. Small 4to. True first edition with the gilt titles on front panel. ... more

Price: $188.00

New York: Samuel Weiser, 1976. FIRST EDITION.

Fine Cloth Copy in dust jacket. Illustrated. 198 pages. Tall octavo. ... more

Price: $87.50

New York: Samuel Weiser, 1977. FIRST EDITION.

Tips of jacket lightly rubbed; else, A FINE CLOTH COPY IN FINE DUST JACKET. Illustrated. Signature of collector, George H. Hall, on front free end paper. Gray dedicated this work to his teacher, Dion Fortune. 556 pages. Royal octavo. ... more

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London: Fulgur Limited, 2004. FIRST LIMITED PRINTING of 441 copies.

Custom monograph printed on fine papers with rare illustrations; A MINT COPY, and will not to be reprinted. Octavo. ... more

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Thame, UK: Mandrake Press, 1991. Limited to 350 copies.

Fine cloth copy in the dust jacket. Crowley wrote ALEXANDRA in the 1905-06 period. This work has been taken from the original proof copies obtained from John Symonds. Introduction by Keith Richmond and edited by Anthony Naylor. ... more

Price: $88.00

Cincinnati: Black Moon, 1985. Facsimile edition of the 1927 edition.

In wraps, side-bound; title label tipped to front panel; A VERY GOOD+ or better copy. Preface to this edition by Louis Martinie. Illustrated. 4to. ... more

Price: $57.00

London: First Impressions (Mandrake Press & Holmes), 1993.

In quality trade wraps; A FINE COPY. 129 pages. Volume number seven in the First Impressions series. Octavo. ... more

Price: $35.00