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London: Fulgur Esoterica, 2016. Limited Edition.

A FINE PREMIUM CLOTH COPY in fine dust jacket. Printed in full color. Custom mirror black end papers that matching Volume Zero. 124 pages. Tall octavo. Black Mirror is a peer-reviewed series that seeks to examine ways in which the occult and the esoteric have been at the very heart... more

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London: Fulgur Limited, 2014. Limited to 600 copies.

A FINE CLOTH COPY bound in obsidian black cloth, blocked, and with special custom mirror-black end papers. Limited to 600 copies. Color plates. Illustrated introduction by the editors. This is a planned series of twelve volumes in all, and each will explore a metaphysical theme in depth. This new journal... more

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London: Fulgur Limited, 2002. FIRST EDITION. Limited to 400 copies only.

In card wraps with French fold; A FINE COPY. With twelve rare drawings, mostly from the early 50s, including an extraordinary double page with two notes by AOS, a superb drawing, and his "Ex Libris" signature. Other highlights: Frontispiece photograph of Frank; a magical stele drawn by AOS as a... more

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London: Fulgur, 2014. Limited to 144 copies only.

In custom wraps with French fold jacket with lavish use of color throughout. A FINE COPY. The exhibition's theme coincides with the beginning of the dark months. Popular culture calls it Hallowe'en, but contemporary Witches and Druids across Europe and North America term it, Samhain. For I:MAGE 2014 explores how... more

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London: Fulgur Esoterica, 2013. Limited to 370 copies.

In custom wraps as issued; A FINE COPY of the exhibition curated by Robert Ansell in the Spring iof 2013. Outstanding production with color plates of works by Austin Spare, Steffi Grant, Andrew Chumbley, Orryelle, Barry William Hale, David Chaim Smith, Peter Dyde, Agostino Arrivabene, Ithell Colquhoun, Rik Garrett, Francisco... more

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London: Fulgur Limited, 2010. FIRST EDITION. Limited to 700 copies only.

A FINE CUSTOM CLOTH COPY IN DUST JACKET. Compiled by Kenneth and Steffi Grant. Compiled by Kenneth and Steffi Grant. In his later creative life, Spare was sought out by artists and writers eager to receive insights of experience from the "Walworth Road Surrealist", but very few who became good... more

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London: Fulgur Limited, 2015. Edition is limited to 640 copies only.

A FINE PREMIUM CLOTH COPY IN DUST JACKET. Printed in full color on special papers bound in white cloth with dust jacket in keeping with the theme of the "White" volume. Full color throughout to represent the final phase of the Great Work which explores the Color phase of Alchemy,... more

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London: Fulgur Limited, 2012. Limited Edition of 800 hand-numbered copies only.

In premium cloth and custom black dust jacket; A FINE COPY IN DUST JACKET. SOLVE dissolves the gold distilled in COAGULA, tears apart our egos, dismembers our bodies and hurls any conceptions of perfection back into the primal void. Herein lies death, destruction, and the Prima Materia, the base matter,... more

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London: Fulgur Limited, 2018. Limited First Edition of 777 Copies.

A FINE COPY, bound in premium cloth, and blocked in matte silver, in a full color dust jacket. SIGNED AND UNCIRCULATED. Thirty-nine full page color plates of the spells [staves, sigils] of which I found the Moon Ritual section to be very intriguing, particularly those representing the various Full Moons... more

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London: Fulgur Limited, 2011. Limited Edition of 808 copies only.

A FINE PREMIUM CLOTH COPY, bound in Voudonique' black cloth, custom printed endpapers, and dust jacket. Twenty five color plates. Contributors include: David Beth, Craig Williams, Vadge Moore, Hagen van Tulien, Dolorosa, Jonas Sen, Jessica Grote, Roberto Migliussi, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Shannon Esmeralda, Peter Dyde, Ariock Van de Voorde, M.W. Burson,... more

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London: Fulgur Limited, 2010. Limited first edition of Six hundred forty copies only, hand-numbered.

Bound in a premium iridescent gold cloth with custom dust jacket; A FINE COPY. COAGULA births the magical children born of the Gods and Goddesses united by the reader in CONJUNCTIO. From these unions now the pages are divided, and the cosmic eggs cracks open: hermaphrodites and hybrids from the... more

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London: Fulgur Esoterica, 2017. Limited to 777 copies only.

A FINE PRESENTATION SET -- the first full publication of this important work, and consists of a custom lined cloth box which contains the accompanying Kabbalistic ritual texts in a French-fold monograph, with a custom blocked dust jacket. Colquhoun's developed this magickal tool during the 1970s, and the material is... more

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London: Fulgur Limited, 2009. Limited edition of 777 copies only, hand-numbered.

A FINE CUSTOM CLOTH COPY IN FINE DUST JACKET. Illustrated. 160 pages. Birthed from strange and ancient larvae, the demon Beelzebub is often heard but seldom seen. His presence throughout history is fleeting, sudden, ever evasive. Even in the light of modern studies, references to the 'God of Ekron' are... more

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London: Fulgur Esoterica, 2018. Limited Edition in Elemental Colored Cloth, Being Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.

A FINE HARDCOVER COPY with illustrated colored panels. Contents include: a scholarly introduction by Dr. Amy Hale; a contextual essay by Ithell Colquhoun; seventy-eight enamel taro card designs, reproduced in six colors; and an index of correspondences, citing esoteric names, traditional tarot names, King scale colors and Cabalistic letters. In... more

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London: Fulgur Limited, 2005.Limited Paper Edition of 961 hand-numbered copies in French fold wraps.

A FINE COPY, uncirculated.. Color plates galore. Accompanying an exhibition at The Maas Gallery (15a Clifford Street, London, W1), the book contains a comprehensive collection of his art complemented by a biographical introduction, a checklist of his exhibitions and essays by those who knew Spare well throughout his life, including... more

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London: Fulgur Esoterica, 2017. FIRST EDITION, Limited.

A MINT COPY. Limited Edition bound in a Special Silk Cloth with custom end papers, jacket band, in publisher's original shrink wrap, and printed on a superior paper. The cheap later edition has a regular paper dust jacket. Color facsimile of the original mss., including the full color plates, which... more

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UK: Fulgur Limited, 2012. Limited to 600 copies only, and not to be reprinted.

A VERY FINE COPY in custom cloth with flourishes. The FOCUS is arguably the most biographically significant of all Spare's published works. Often obscure, magical and fragmentary, it invites exploration of a strange Nietzschean landscape through what Spare termed 'the labyrinth of the alphabet'. The recent discovery of Spare's original... more

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London: Fulgur Limited, 2013. Limited to 900 copies only.

Bound as a large square quarto; A FINE PREMIUM CLOTH COPY IN DUST JACKET. The extraordinary work is a complex mystical text which speaks with many voices to introduce the practice of Kabbalistic contemplative alchemy. Fourteen full-page pen and ink plates, twenty-nine seals and vignettes, and a magnificent foldout plate... more

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London: Fulgur Esoterica, 2016. Limited Edition.

A FINE PREMIUM CLOTH COPY IN FINE DUST JACKET, still in the original publisher's shrink-wrap. A massive work of text and color sculpted over many, many years by Michael Bertiaux, and reflecting a lifetime of experience and knowledge of metaphysical philosophy and magic, and the works surrounding them. This new... more

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London: Fulgur Limited, 2014. Limited First Edition.

A Fine Volume bound in premium custom blocked cloth, with special matching end papers, printed throughout on an exquisite Italian paper, with a thematic dust jacket based on Cameron's artwork. Colored illustrations and drawings. Original material was inspired by the affair between Jack Parsons and his artist lover, and magickal... more

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