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New York: Viking, 1979. FIRST EDITION.

Fine cloth copy in dust jacket. Kum-nye illustrations by Adele Aldridge. 230 pages with index. Octavo. ... more

Price: $19.75

London: Neville Spearman, 1975. FIRST EDITION.

A Fine Cloth Edition in fine dust jacket. Translated by Robin Campbell. Twenty one photographic full page plates showing the alchemical process, plus three figures and a table. 160 pages. Octavo. ... more

Price: $169.00

New York: Science History Publications, 1975.

A FINE CLOTH COPY IN FINE DUST JACKET. A sampling of content: The Chemical Debates of the 17th Century: The Reaction to Robert Fludd & Jean Baptiste van Helmont; Alchemy in the 17th Century: New Light on Galileo's Lunar Observations; The Role of Alchemy in Newton's Career; Newton, a Sceptical... more

Price: $144.00

Chicago: Open Court, 1913. FIRST EDITION.

A Fine volume, quarter bound in cloth and custom boards. Illustrations by Kwasong Suzuki. Small 8vo. ... more

Price: $37.50

London: First Impressions (Mandrake Press & Holmes), 1992. Limited edition of fifty hand-numbered copies of which this copy 39. First Impressions Series, Volume Five.

Bound in leather and buckram with marbled end papers, ribbon marker, all edges gilt; VERY FINE. Kegan Paul published this volume for Crowley in 1898. 16mo. ... more

Price: $89.00

London: First Impressions (Mandrake Press & Holmes), 1992. Limited edition of 50 copies only, hand-numbered.

Bound in quarter leather, all edges gilt, marbled end papers, and silk ribbon marker; A MINT COPY. The Poetry Review called this "a blood thirsty, lecherous play wherein the intoxication of blood, of words, of hysteria, of lust takes the place of imagination." First Impressions Series, Volume Four. 121 pages.... more

Price: $93.00

Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1971. FIRST EDITION.

A Fine cloth volume in repaired dust jacket. Edited by Robert Greene and Hugh MacCallum. Royal octavo. One of the most influential of the Cambridge Platonists. 216 pages. Royal 8vo. ... more

Price: $45.00

London: Fulgur Limited, 2010. Limited deLuxe edition of sixty four copies only, hand-numbered, and signed by the artist.

Bound in quarter golden Lambskin, with golden premium cloth boards, and a ‘molten gold’ dust jacket stamped in black, in fine slipcase, A FINE COPY. Signed by the artist. COAGULA births the magical children born of the Gods and Goddesses united by the reader in CONJUNCTIO. From these unions now... more

Price: $329.00

Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1994. FIRST EDITION.

Very fine premium cloth copy in a fine dust jacket. 490 pages with index and a superb bibliography. Study of metaphysics, medicine, alchemy and magic. Illustrated. Small 4to. ... more

Price: $79.00

London: Herbert Joseph, 1946. FIRST EDITION.

Original publisher's cloth; internals free of marking or defect; A VERY GOOD+ COPY in very good dust jacket. With sixteen plates and frontispiece and 48 figures en texte, plus five astrological diagrams. Bibliography. Section devoted to an explanation of the plates and figures. 296 pages. Octavo.. ... more

Price: $165.00

New York: Harper & Row, 1963. First Edition.

Note listing a second Eliade book across from title page, but no further markings or defects. A VERY GOOD+ CLOTH COPY in dust jacket. Translated by Willard Trask. Edited by Ruth Nanda Ashen for the World Perspectives series. ... more

Price: $45.00

London: First Impressions (Mandrake Press & Holmes), 1992. First Impressions Series, Volume Ten.

A FINE COPY. Nicely bound and printed with traditional portrait of Andrae on front panel. This series number only issued in wraps. Tall octavo. ... more

Price: $24.95

New York: Samuel Weiser, 1977. FIRST EDITION.

Tips of jacket lightly rubbed; else, A FINE CLOTH COPY IN FINE DUST JACKET. Illustrated. Signature of book collector, George H. Hall, on front free end paper, as was his habit. Gray dedicated this work to his teacher, Dion Fortune. 556 pages. Royal octavo. ... more

Price: $90.00

Los Angeles: Hall Publishing, 1931-32. Limited edition of 3000 copies of which this is unnumbered.

Signed by MPH on front free end paper; second signature by previous owner above Mr. Hall's; bound in cloth and boards with titles in red on front panel; minor shelf wear and rubbing to edges and panels; else, a VERY GOOD+ COPY in small folio. Illustrated by J. Augustus Knapp... more

Price: $249.00

Richmond Vista: Three Hands Press, 2015. Limited deLuxe Edition of 50 copies only of which this is number 34.

A FINE PREMIUM COPY, hand bound in black Buckram, in matching slipcase. Panel design for the deLuxe edition by Daniel A. Schulke and Carolyn Hamilton-Giles. With numerous Illustrations, some in color, by Carolyn Hamilton-Giles. 256 pages. Small 8vo. ... more

Price: $400.00

Nephilim Press, 2013. Limited to 500 copies, numbered, of which this copy 23.

A FINE COPY, quarter bound in faux leather and snakeskin with custom end papers and ribbon marker. Contributors: Barry Hale, Kyle Fite, Matthew Wightman, S. Connolly, & Robert Podgurski. Illustrated. [x], 152 pages. Royal octavo. ... more

Price: $175.00

Xoanon / Ouroboros, 2013. Limited to 125 copies only of which this is number One.

Bound in full leather with banded spine with titles; special broadside "The Vision of Sir Geo. Ripley" laid in; A FINE COPY. Original art work by Tomasz Allen Kopera, Rima Staines, Ben Tolman, Joseph Uccello, Tom Allen, Sasan Saidi, Hagen Von Tulien, & Johnny Jakobsson. Tall 4to. ... more

Price: $225.00

New York: E.P. Dutton & Co., 1932. First American Edition.

Very Good Cloth Volume in chipped, rubbed dust jacket, now under Mylar. Contents: St. Germain, Flamel, Christian Rosenkreutz, Apollonius of Tyana, HPB, and the Unknown Master of the Albigensi are discussed. 287 pages, indexed. Octavo. ... more

Price: $75.00

London: Blandford, 1997.

VERY GOOD+ cloth in dust jacket. 176 pages, indexed and with illustrations from many sources. 4to. ... more

Price: $19.50

London: Kosmon Press, 1975.

Some wear to the edges; internals free of marking or defect; Very Good Cloth Volume. Illustrations, and a folding plate. [xiv] 904 pages. Octavo. ... more

Price: $33.00