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Stockholm: Edda Publishing, 2011. Limited to100 copies only, signed and numbered..

A FINE CLOTH COPY IN FINE DUST JACKET. A partial list of contents: Hermann Hesse - The Execution (translated by Michael Moynihan); Fredrik Söderberg - Black and White Meditations 1-23; Peter Gilmore - Every Man and Woman is a Star; Peter Grey - Barbarians at the Gates; Thomas Karlsson -... more

Price: $300.00

Seattle: Trident Books, 2004. Second Edition, Limited.

A FINE COPY in full Goatskin with five raised bands, upside down Pentagram device blind pressed on front panel, marbled ends, silk marker, and gilded titles. Verso shows limitation notice, but unnumbered. An upgrade to the 1996 editor, reset and bound, by James Banner. Translation by Gretchen Ruby. Edited by... more

Price: $449.00

York Beach: Teitan Press, 2015. DeLuxe edition of 72 copies of which this is Focalor 41.

A FINE CLOTH COPY IN SLIPCASE, sewn and archival, with gilt impressed front panel, blind rules, and custom black end papers. SIGNED by Campbell on title page, and including a hand drawn seal of one of the Goetic spirits, Focalor, number 41. With additional diagrams and magickal seals. Campbell examines... more

Price: $300.00

Maine: Teitan Press, 2008. First Limited Edition, hand-numbered.

A FINE CLOTH VOLUME IN FINE DUST JACKET. Limited to 418 copies only, hand-numbered. Foreword by Richard Kaczynski. 347 pages. Royal octavo. ... more

Price: $269.00

Society of Esoteric Endeavour, 2018. Limited to 193 numbered copies, this copy being 114, and thus having the embossed ends not found after number 129 of the edition.

Bound in premium cloth with white on black titles and cover illustration; special custom embossed end papers; number tag tipped in, A FINE COPY. Afterword by Christopher Josiffre titled, "Influence Upon Aleister Crowley" and further appendices. Illustrated. 139 pages. "This work was first published in 1895 in Trinidad and achieved... more

Price: $322.00

London: Scarlet Imprint, 2011. Limited to 685 copies, hand-numbered, of which this is number 225.

A FINE CLOTH COPY with foiled symbol on front panel and ribbon marker. With additional notes by Peter Grey. Edited by Alkistis Dimech. Two grimoires with commentary. 240 pages. Small 8vo. ... more

Price: $349.00

Berkeley: Cornelius, 1994 (April). FIRST EDITION, and limited to only 56 copies.

A FINE COPY in original wraps as issued. Signed by Mr. Cornelius on the half title. The Red Flame series has been called the most innovative Thelemic contribution since the Equinox. Quarto. ... more

Price: $375.00

Berkeley: Jerry Cornelius, 2000. LIMITED FIRST EDITION: 156 copies only.

In oversize wraps as issued; A FINE COPY, unread, & printed on fiber text. 210 pages. A superb volume in this series, and a rarity due to the controversial content and opinion. Scarce Issue. Small 4to. ... more

Price: $450.00

Berkeley: Cornelius, 1999. Limited to 156 copies only.

FINE UNREAD COPY. This First Edition is in oversize wraps as issued, and printed on fiber text. Scarce due to controversial content which was later revised and abridged for a latter edition. 220 pages. Small 4to. ... more

Price: $350.00

Nashville: Thelema Publishing Company, 1980. FIRST EDITION.

Small Pax West stamp on edges; else, A FINE COPY in lightly chipped dust jacket. Commentaries, poetry, an editorial by Motta, five diagrams, a commentary on the Classic of Purity, plus a commentary on Yi Jing of more than 200 pages. [xvii], 481 pages, [ii]. Small 4to. ... more

Price: $275.00

Canberra, Australia: Thelema Publishing Company, 1990. Scarce Enlarged Second Edition.

A FINE CLOTH VOLUME in a slightly soiled, but fully intact, dust jacket. Enlarged and enhanced edition of the 1975 work by Motta, including a facsmile of the original "Book of the Law" as well as his Rogue's Gallery of Thelemic no goods. [xxii], 456 pages, indexed, [ii]. Small 4to.... more

Price: $250.00

Nashville: Thelema Publishing Company, 1979. FIRST EDITION.

Custom end papers; A FINE CLOTH VOLUME in a very good dust jacket. Some of the contents are: OTO Manifesto; Crowley and Motta's Commentary on Liber LXV which runs 260 pages, plus a further commentary on Liber CCXXXI: A Personal Research by Marcelo Ramos Motta; and additional text, poetry, reviews,... more

Price: $250.00

Nashville: Thelema Publishing Company, 1981. FIRST EDITION.

Small Pax West stamp on fore and bottom edge; else, A FINE COPY in lightly used dust jacket. Among the gems in this volume are some of the rarest of AC's writings, including the Bagh-I-Muattar, the Paris Working, the Wake World, plus a splendid editorial by Motta in which he... more

Price: $269.00

Thame: IHO Books, 1999. FIRST EDITION.

In custom wraps as issued; A FINE COPY of a scarce, notorious and valuable work. Includes Crowley's initiation rituals with instructional texts, and the scarce, explicit Emblems with their Mode of Use, Also, the secret signs and words relating to the IXth degree, 10th degree raiment and robes, etc. Much... more

Price: $922.00

London: First Impressions (Mandrake Press & Holmes), 1993. Limited to fifty hand-numbered copies of which this copy three.

A FINE UNCIRCULATED COPY, bound in full leather with marbled ends and ribbon marker. Marginalia, including lewd figures, by Aleister Crowley as per Warburg copy. Small Folio. ... more

Price: $590.00

London: Mandrake Press & Holmes, 1992. DeLuxe Limited Edition.

Bound in red leather, marbled boards, all edges gilt, ribbon markers and enclosed in a matching red leather and marble slipcase. Plates for this set were made from the London First Edition, and is exactly as issued, including the foldout of the "Book of the Law", making this the only... more

Price: $3,475.00

London: First Impressions (Mandrake Press & Holmes), 1992. FIRST EDITION. Limited Edition of 50 copies only, hand-numbered, this one being number 35.

Quarter bound in leather with marbled end papers and ribbon place marker. A FINE COPY. At the time of this First Impression printing, this volume of Crowley's had not appeared in print, although it did include many of his best known pieces. As this is an exact facsimile of the... more

Price: $575.00

Kings Beach: Thelema, 1990. One of the thirty-three hand bound copies, this is copy 28.

A FINE COPY, bound in violet leather with gilt symbol on front panel and custom matching end papers. Colored frontispiece. [xviii], 60 pages. Tall 8vo. ... more

Price: $1,650.00

A Limited Edition of 50 hand numbered copies, printed on hand finished, mould made paper in the exact size as the original oil painting. A Certificate of Authenticity and Limitation, signed by Anthony Naylor, is included with the print.

A FINE COPY of the original limited signed print with COA. Using the original oil painting of Leon Kennedy [the frontispiece of the 1919 "Blue Equinox"] and after careful cleaning and some minor restoration, the painting was photographed by leading commercial photographer, John Williams. The printing was carried out on... more

Price: $477.00

Edinburgh: Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks, 1982. Limited to 250 hand numbered copies.

A FINE COPY, hand-bound in caramel faux leather. Edited, with an Introduction, by Adam McLean, and signed and numbered by him as well. Splendid material on Dee's Enochian system, the lore of the fallen angels, and elemental magick. Octavo. ... more

Price: $525.00