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Xoanon, 1999-2000. Limited to 77 hand-numbered, signed copies of which this is number 40.

Custom end papers; bound in black simulated leather with silvered devices to front and rear panels, the latter being the Seal of Sabatraxas; touch of browning along fore edge, and the only reason for it not to be rated higher; VERY GOOD+ COPY of Chumbley's classic work that uncovers the... more

Price: $5,500.00

London: Mandrake Press & Holmes, 1992. DeLuxe Limited Edition.

Bound in red leather, marbled boards, all edges gilt, ribbon markers and enclosed in a matching red leather and marble slipcase. Plates for this set were made from the London First Edition, and is exactly as issued, including the foldout of the "Book of the Law", making this the only... more

Price: $3,875.00

London: Starfire Publishing, 1999. Signed and presented to Soror A. on the half title by Kenneth and Steffi Grant, and hand numbered in mauve ink in Hebrew with the letter, Gimel.

A FINE COPY, bound in quarter Goatskin and hand-made marbled boards, in dust jacket. Illustrated. Glossary. Bibliography. 367 pages, indexed. Octavo. Bogdan A12. ... more

Price: $1,650.00

Kings Beach: Thelema, 1990. One of the thirty-three hand bound copies, this is copy 28.

A FINE COPY, bound in violet leather with gilt symbol on front panel and custom matching end papers. Colored frontispiece. [xviii], 60 pages. Tall 8vo. ... more

Price: $1,650.00

London: Scarlet Imprint, 2014. The Infernal Pact Edition of 72 copies only of which this is number 66, hand-numbered.

A FINE SET, quarter bound in vellum with marbled boards, all edges gilt, silk markers, in matching cloth slipcase. With pen and ink illustrations by Oliver Liebeskind, and additional charts, sigils and symbols throughout both volumes. Royal Octavo. ... more

Price: $1,600.00

London: Fulgur, 1997. Limited edition of 40 numbered copies only.

FINE COPY IN DUST JACKET AND SLIPCASE, bound in quarter cream Morocco, French papers, top edge gilt, and a terra cotta cast of a Roman intaglio talisman germane to the Cultus inset into a sunken panel in the rear pastedown. An important sketchbook of immensely powerful line drawings from 1924... more

Price: $1,375.00

Hercules: Xoanon Publishing, 2008. Special Edition of Eleven Copies only of which this is number nine.

Bound in medium brown skiver with gilt front panel, custom marbled end papers, ribbon marker, and slipcase; A FINE COPY in decorated cloth as issued. Thirty three illustrations. 304 pages. Tall 8vo. ... more

Price: $1,350.00

London: Jerusalem Press, 2011. Special Edition of six copies only of which this is lettered "D", signed by Alan Moore and Michael Staley on the title page, and Stephen Pochin at the colophon.

A FINE COPY IN FINE DUST JACKET . Special Full Leather Volume in a custom printed slipcase with Spare motifs. Inserted plate, and a limited bibliographical broadside on THE BOOK OF PLEASURE by Clive Harper, and numbered and signed by him. Tall quarto. ... more

Price: $1,277.00

York Beach: Samuel Weiser, 1999. One of 33 numbered copies, signed by the late Donald Weiser, of which this is copy number three.

Bound in full black leather with bands and dentelles, custom marble end papers, and red and gilt title label; A FINE COPY. 414 pages, plus additional index and works by the author. A stunning binding. Octavo. ... more

Price: $1,250.00

Hercules, CA: Three Hands Press (in cooperation with the Museum of Witchcraft, Cornwall), 2010. Special Limited Edition of 100 hand numbered copies only.

Bound in full crimson Morocco with bands, with premium black slipcase. A FINE MINT COPY. Illustrations, drawings and artifacts from the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall. With 275 illustrations, 130 in full color. Introduction by Graham King. 224 pages. Tall 4to. ... more

Price: $1,200.00

London: Starfire Publishing, 2010.Limited deLuxe edition of 118 copies only, signed and numbered by Kenneth and Steffi Grant.

A FINE COPY, bound in quarter black leather with marbled boards, and dust jacket, enclosed in a black cloth slipcase. Special end papers comprised of photographic portraits of the personalities discussed, and a pantheon of modern magic. Includes a "Key to the End Papers." With a new frontispiece, a section... more

Price: $1,200.00

Three Hands Press, 2015. Hand-numbered limited edition of 27 copies only.

A FINE COPY BOUND IN FULL MAHOGANY GOATSKIN with marbled end papers. Illustrated by Raven Ebner in color. 560 pages. From ancient times to the present, humanity has wielded a plenitude of formulae for the making and manipulation of magical images. In western esoteric traditions, where image magic is particularly... more

Price: $1,200.00

Xoanon Publishing, 2009. DeLuxeLimited Edition of 111 copies only housed in a custom Oak box.

Full morocco binding in custom oak box; A MINT COPY. Completed in early 2004, the Sermon formed a portion of the 'Monadic Transmission' series of texts originally issued in hand-written, hand-illustrated editions of one copy only. This unique grimoire concerns the sorcerous precept of Unfettered Desire, as expounded in parable... more

Price: $1,200.00

London: Xoanon (in association with Fulgur Limited), 1995. FIRST EDITION.

FINE CUSTOM CLOTH VOLUME in fine dust jacket. An elegant design in full black with gilt point. Octavo. With hand drawn talismanic bookmark from the hand of Andrew Chumbley laid in. ... more

Price: $1,169.00

London: Starfire Publishing, 2008. Limited DeLuxe Edition. Signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant. Ninety-three copies only.

A FINE VOLUME, bound in quarter leather and premium cloth boards with dust jacket and slip case. Decorated end papers. Twenty six plates and illustrations (many in color). Two magical diagrams. 320 pages, indexed. Octavo. Rare. ... more

Price: $1,150.00

Richmond Vista, CA: Three Hands Press, 2011. Limited edition of 10 copies only of which this is number four.

A FINE VOLUME BOUND IN FULL BROWN PEBBLED CALF with slipcase, marbled ends, ribbon marker, and specially designed front panel impression of the Moon, thus, the edition is referred to as the MOON SPECIAL ISSUE. Illustrated throughout, many in color, by Liv Rainey-Smith. Definitive exposition of the roots of ancient,... more

Price: $1,150.00

Hercules, CA: Three Hands, 2014. Special edition of 36 copies only, bound in full Golden leather, and numbered as the Decans, this copy being Leo II, and includes a special emblem specific to this Decan laid in.

A FINE COPY IN SLIPCASE, bound in full Golden leather, with marbled end papers, envelope with symbol, and ribbon marker. 336 pages. Tall 8vo. ... more

Price: $1,075.00

London: Fulgur Limited, 1998. Limited to 93 copies only, signed and numbered by Kenneth and Steffi Grant, of which this is number twenty-eight.

Bound in quarter leather with silver titles; top edge silvered; A FINE VOLUME IN DUST JACKET AND SLIPCASE. With the Talisman of the Zos-Kia Cultus as consecrated by Kenneth Grant, one of 102 examples only, laid in rear in special folder with paper label. Also, includes an invitation from Fulgur... more

Price: $988.00

London: Starfire Publishing, 2006. DELUXE EDITION. Limited to 81 signed copies only of which this is copy number 72.

A MINT COPY in slipcase as issued. Limited to 81 copies, signed by the author. Bound in premium red cloth in matching case. 320 pages. Liber Lilith is a powerful and disturbing novel which charts the disintegration of a German occultist, Karl Steiger, who comes across an ancient grimoire which... more

Price: $977.00

London: Fulgur Limited, 2010. LIMITED DELUXE EDITION OF EIGHTY COPIES ONLY, dedicated to the Black and Red Twins.

Hand numbered, signed, and with a special illustration by David Beth. A FINE COPY IN DUST JACKET, bound in quarter Morocco, custom boards, with top edge gilt. In a finished wooden box with a custom carved top with symbolism reflecting the contents. Introduction by Michael Bertiaux. First comprehensive treatise of... more

Price: $975.00