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Stockholm: Trapart Publishing, 2016. FIRST LIMITED EDITION of 400 copies only.

FINE CLOTH COPY in fine dust jacket, and still in the original pub lisher's shrink wrapping. Illustrated, The German paparazzo, Walter Fischer, lived and worked in California in the late 1950s and 1960s. During this period, he documented the glamour, and, yes, the weirdness of the time and place for... more

Price: $189.00

London: Starfire Publishing, 2008. Limited DeLuxe Edition. Signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant of 93 copies only.

A FINE VOLUME, bound in quarter leather and premium cloth boards with dust jacket and slip case. Decorated end papers. Twenty six plates and illustrations (many in color) and two diagrams. The long awaited re-issue of this classic from the Typhonian Trilogy, the fifth volume of the series. Mr. Grant... more

Price: $1,177.00

Hercules: Three Hands Press, 2016. Limited DeLuxe Edition of 49 hand-numbered copies only of which this number 9.

Quarter bound in red goatskin with corners and marbled panels; custom metallic marbled end papers; A FINE COPY. Numerous illustrations accompany the text and essays in both color and black and white. This new work gathers together twelve essays and rituals on The Lady Babalon by scholars, practitioners, and allies... more

Price: $444.00

Xoanon, 2014. DeLuxe Limited Edition of 196 Copies Only.

A FINE COPY, bound in full gilt-blocked goatskin, with special endpapers, silk ribbon marker, and matching slipcase. Numerous illustrations and sigillae by the author throughout. Small Folio. 832 pages. ... more

Price: $1,179.00

Friedberg: Theion Publishing, 2014. Auric deLuxe Edition of sixty copies only.

A FINE COPY, bound in full Zandoric yellow leather with ribbon marker. Each Auric Edition includes a sheet signed and sigilized by the hand of the author. headbands. Foreword by David Beth. Illustrated with six new images by artist, Peter Dyde. 384 pages. Tall octavo. Special sale: 2 copies only... more

Price: $477.00

Hercules, CA: Xoanon / Three Hands, 2012. Limited edition of 49 hand-numbered copies.

A FINE COPY, bound in full brown batique skiver, marbled endpapers, ribbon marker, special impression on the front panel, and a unique Totemic print laid in by the artist. Printed in red & black on heavy custom stock, and illustrated with original woodblock prints by artist, Liv Rainey-Smith. With fifty-five... more

Price: $700.00

London: Fulgur Limited, 2010. Deluxe edition, limited to ninety-three copies only, signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant dedicated to that purpose.

A FINE COPY. Quarter hand-bound in purple goatskin and premium mauve cloth with illustrated end papers, and placed in a custom slipcase with dust jacket. Compiled by Kenneth and Steffi Grant. In his later creative life, Spare was sought out by artists and writers eager to receive insights of experience... more

Price: $366.00

London: Fulgur Limited, 2010. Limited deLuxe Edition of 88 hand-numbered copies, and signed by Michael Bertiaux at the prelims.

Half bound in caramel calf and matching linen with custom end papers; A FINE COPY in slipcase (blind pressed) and dust jacket. Vudu Cartography is a work, unpublished and unseen, from the school of Michael Bertiaux, and includes more than 130 new Vudu images by the artist, all printed in... more

Price: $569.00

London: Jerusalem Press, 2011. Limited deLuxe edition, signed by Alan Moore and Michael Staley on the title page, and one of 100 hand-numbered copies.

Special binding of cloth and leather in a customized printed slipcase, with inserted plate, and a limited bibliographical broadside on THE BOOK OF PLEASURE by Clive Harper, and numbered and signed by him. Tall quarto. ... more

Price: $724.00

London: Jerusalem Press, 2010. Limited DeLuxe Edition of 100 hand-numbered copies only.

A FINE PREMIUM QUARTER MAGENTA LEATHER COPY IN A FINE DUST JACKET and ensconced in a Magenta Moirť Silk case. This landmark book is comprised of: An introduction by Robert Ansell; A Cartographic Study by Gavin Semple; Biographical Essay by Geraldine Beskin; Essays by the curators Christopher Jordan and Stephen... more

Price: $588.00

London: Fulgur Ltd., 1992. Limited edition, hand-numbered.

A FINE+ CLOTH VOLUME IN FINE DUST JACKET with two colored frontispieces by Austin Spare as the books are bound opposite one another (TÍte-bÍche) -- one flips the book vertically to read the other, this is a book without end. Marvelous private press work! Preface by Robert Ansell. Small 4to.... more

Price: $276.00

London: Fulgur Esoterica, 2014. Limited Edition of 156 copies only, slipcased, and hand-numbered.

A FINE VOLUME, bound in black Morocco and premium custom blocked cloth, with special end papers, top edge silvered, printed throughout on an exquisite Italian paper, with a thematic dust jacket, enclosed in a custom lined slipcase. Superb in all ways. Small folio. 176 pages. Colored illustrations and drawings. Original... more

Price: $689.00

Three Hands Press, 2015. Hand-numbered limited edition of 63 copies only.

A FINE COPY, quarter bound in Mahogany goat, with custom end papers, silk ribbon marker, and slipcase. Illustrated by Raven Ebner in color. 560 pages. From ancient times to the present, humanity has wielded a plenitude of formulae for the making and manipulation of magical images. In western esoteric traditions,... more

Price: $588.00

London: Starfire Publishing, 2012. Limited DeLuxe Edition of 111 copies, each hand-numbered and signed by Steffi Grant..

A FINE COPY BOUND IN QUARTER LEATHER, with marble boards, enclosed in slipcase and Steffi Grant designed dust jacket. Includes color reproductions of works by Frieda Harris and Austin Osman Spare for the first time in print. Corrected and edited by Michael Staley. New index, and re-set. Octavo. ... more

Price: $488.00

Friedberg: Theion Publishing, 2013. Limited DeLuxe Edition of 60 copies only.

Bound in full green goatskin with custom endpapers, silk marker, and special gilt panel illustration. Lavishly illustrated with splendid thematic art commissioned especially for this book. LIBER NIGRI SOLIS also features an informative introduction by Dr. Eva Kingsepp of Stockholm University and is edited by Victor Voronov. Tall octavo. Ten... more

Price: $889.00

London: Starfire Publishing, 2014. Limited Edition of 1111 copies only, signed and hand-numbered by Steffi Grant.

Quarter bound in black calf with Crimson marbled boards; FINE VOLUME IN DUST JACKET, SLIPCASED. Hand numbered and signed by Steffi Grant. Volume is sewn and octavo to match the earlier enhanced works in the Trilogies series. Twenty pages of plates, many in color. As with previous volumes in this... more

Price: $411.00

Richmond Vista: Three Hands Press, 2015. Limited deLuxe Edition of 50 copies only of which this is number 39.

A FINE PREMIUM COPY, hand bound in black Buckram, in matching slipcase. Panel design for the deLuxe edition by Daniel A. Schulke and Carolyn Hamilton-Giles. With numerous Illustrations, some in color, by Carolyn Hamilton-Giles. 256 pages. Small 8vo. ... more

Price: $339.00

London: Starfire Publishing, 2010.Limited deLuxe edition of 118 copies only, signed and numbered by Kenneth and Steffi Grant.

A FINE COPY, bound in quarter black leather with marbled boards, and dust jacket, enclosed in a black cloth slipcase. With a new frontispiece, a section of seventeen plates (many in color, some new), re-set and corrected, and includes a 1954 unpublished photograph of A.O. Spare, inscribed to the Grants.... more

Price: $1,169.00

London: Fulgur Esoterica, 2009-2015. Each deLuxe volume in the TQ series was limited to 64 hand-numbered copies only.

A FINE SET IN FINE DUST JACKETS. Slipcased. Beautifully printed on custom sheets with illuminated highlights. Each volume carries the alchemical work into the field of art by color association with the magical steps to the Philosopher's Stone: the work of the Red, Gold, Black & the White. Quarto volumes.... more

Price: $1,500.00

Three Hands Press, 2015. Limited to 41 hand-numbered copies only.

A FINE VOLUME in full red boar skin with bands, stamped symbolic front panel, custom end papers, in matching slip case. One type of Balkan magic is Vesticarstvo, a sorcery drawing its power from Balkan folk belief, relic shamanism, and medieval heresy. A quintessential embodiment of this power is the... more

Price: $479.00