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London: Fulgur Limited, 2008. LIMITED DELUXE EDITION of 64 copies only in quarter crimson leather, gilt marbled end papers, and slipcase. Hand numbered at the colophon.

A VERY FINE COPY. SIGNED BY THE ARTIST. Fifty three full page plates with eighty total pages, double-page graphic title, illustrations, and a descriptive text. CONJUNCTIO presents mirrored pairs of Sacred Twins and Divine Lovers from various cultural pantheons coupled on facing pages. They are aligned in such a way... more

Price: $566.00

Hercules, CA: Three Hands Press (in cooperation with the Museum of Witchcraft, Cornwall), 2010. Special Limited Edition of 100 hand numbered copies only.

Bound in full crimson Morocco with bands, with premium black slipcase. A FINE MINT COPY. Illustrations, drawings and artifacts from the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall. With 275 illustrations, 130 in full color. Introduction by Graham King. 224 pages. Tall 4to. ... more

Price: $1,250.00

Hercules, CA: Three Hands Press, 2012. Limited to 77 copies, hand-numbered of which this is number 71.

A FINE FULL LEATHER COPY in black with custom end papers, gilt Toad device on front panel, and numbered. A scholarly essay by Andrew Chumbley concerning the obscure ritual of obtaining the witches' amulet known as the Toad-bone. A tenet of rural folk magicians and secret societies such as the... more

Price: $425.00

Hercules: Three Hands Press, 2013. Special Limited Edition of 66 copies only.

A FINE COPY. Bound in full Goatskin, blind pressed beautifully on the front panel, with custom marbled end papers and ivy-green ribbon marker. Small octavo. ... more

Price: $450.00

Friedberg: Theion Publishing, 2014. Auric deLuxe Edition of sixty copies only.

A FINE COPY, bound in full Zandoric yellow leather with ribbon marker. Each Auric Edition includes a sheet signed and sigilized by the hand of the author. headbands. Foreword by David Beth. Illustrated with six new images by artist, Peter Dyde. 384 pages. Tall octavo. ... more

Price: $444.00

Xoanon, 2015. Limited deLuxe Edition of 111 copies only.

A FINE VOLUME, bound in half Crimson Goatskin with corners, and marbled panels with gilt impressions. Custom marble end papers with silk marker, and placed in matching slipcase. With a New Foreword by Daniel Schulke and Soror I.S., plus a special new image has been added to the original book... more

Price: $588.00

London: Fulgur Limited, 2005. Special deLuxe edition of 11 copies with numbered certificate laid in, with additional ephemera. This is copy 5/11.

In custom cloth slipcase; decorated DVD accompanied by an illustrated brochure, program, and limitation certificate. A full color film to be played on the computer or an all regions player, or simply collected as a Fulgur scarcity. ... more

Price: $244.00

New York: Von Zos, 2016. Limited deLuxe Edition of 40 copies, signed and numbered by the author, Richard Ward, at the colophon. This is copy number 6.

A PREMIUM CLOTH VOLUME with dust jacket in matching slipcase and features special pressed titles to the spine and front panel with head and tail bands. The deLuxe also includes a separate monograph laid in the case by Ward titled, "The Dead Tome Made Flesh", a study of the "Necronomicon",... more

Price: $288.00

New York: Von Zos, 2013. Limited edition of 26 hand-lettered copies of which this is copy D. Signed by Michael Staley.

In custom wraps as issued; with laid in special Fool card and talisman produced specifically for this edition.; A FINE COPY. Art by Nomi Chi. Octavo. ... more

Price: $111.00

Three Hands Press, 2015. Hand-numbered limited edition of 27 copies only.

A FINE COPY BOUND IN FULL MAHOGANY GOATSKIN with marbled end papers. Illustrated by Raven Ebner in color. 560 pages. From ancient times to the present, humanity has wielded a plenitude of formulae for the making and manipulation of magical images. In western esoteric traditions, where image magic is particularly... more

Price: $1,288.00

London: Fulgur, 1997. FIRST EDITION.

A FINE COPY IN FINE DUST JACKET. Tall quarto volume bound in custom cloth with French papers and dust jacket. One of the most haunting creations from the hand of this artist-an important sketchbook of immensely powerful line drawings from 1924 which directly communicates that peculiar ecstatic energy which is... more

Price: $200.00

London: Fulgur Limited, 2008. FIRST EDITION, DELUXE. Limited to 93 hand-numbered and slipcased volumes, signed by publisher, Robert Ansell.

A FINE COPY IN SLIPCASE, quarter bound in green Morocco, with gold custom end papers, top edge gilt, and dust jacket. THE VALLEY OF FEAR is an unpublished sketchbook of 20 vigorous, yet haunting, studies from this bleak period. Designed as a companion volume to THE BOOK OF UGLY ECSTASY... more

Price: $622.00

Hercules, CA: Three Hands Press (in cooperation with the Museum of Witchcraft, Cornwall), 2010. Limited to 250 hand numbered copies only, bound in quarter Morocco, with slipcase. This is number 064.

A FINE MINT COPY. Limited to 250 hand numbered copies only, bound in quarter brown Morocco, with slipcase. With 275 illustrations, 130 in in full color. Introduction by Graham King. 224 pages. Tall 4to. ... more

Price: $688.00

Hercules: Three Hands Press, 2013. DeLuxe Limited Edition of 111 copies only.

Hand bound in green Mohair with handmade end papers; A FINE COPY. Hand numbered by the author. 96 pages. Small 8vo. ... more

Price: $229.00

London: Fulgur Limited, 1997. FIRST EDITION.

In French fold wraps as issued; A MINT COPY, unread and uncirculated. Illustrated. With an introduction by Gavin Semple. INCLUDES THE CARDS (the Surreal Racing Forecast deck) in a facsimile printed sleeve so near an exact facsimile to AOS's first issue that it is difficult to tell them apart. ... more

Price: $93.00

London: Fulgur Limited, 2010. Limited deLuxe edition of sixty four copies only, hand-numbered, and signed by the artist.

Bound in quarter golden lambskin, golden cloth boards, 'molten gold' dust jacket stamped in black, signed by the artist in slipcase, A FINE COPY. COAGULA births the magical children born of the Gods and Goddesses united by the reader in CONJUNCTIO. From these unions now the pages are divided, and... more

Price: $310.00

London: Fulgur Limited, 2010. Deluxe edition, limited to ninety-three copies only, signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant dedicated to that purpose.

A FINE COPY. Quarter hand-bound in purple goatskin and premium mauve cloth with illustrated end papers, and placed in a custom slipcase with dust jacket. Compiled by Kenneth and Steffi Grant. In his later creative life, Spare was sought out by artists and writers eager to receive insights of experience... more

Price: $389.00

London: Fulgur Limited, 2012. LIMITED DELUXE EDITION of 96 copies only.

A FINE COPY, with dust jacket and slipcase. Hand bound in crushed full black Morocco; blind stamped front panel with AOS writ large; blocked in silver with the top edge same; matching black ribbon page marker; signed and numbered by the editor at the colophon; a beautiful design. 318 pages.... more

Price: $422.00

London: Fulgur Limited, 2007. Limited edition of 77 numbered copies, signed by Bertiaux at the colophon.

A FINE COPY in matching dust jacket and slipcase. Tipped-in colored frontispiece, an d illustrations en texte, and the text printed in red brick and black. Handmade Tibetan endpapers in illuminated copper and bound in brown premium woven linen with red foiled titles. 100 pages. Tall 8vo. A first class... more

Price: $422.00

Espana: Primal Craft Occult Publishing, 2013-17. Limited Editions of 999 copies, signed.

A FINE SET, bound in suede with ribbon markers, double thickness custom end papers, and each volume signed and hand-numbered by the author at the colophon. Altar Volume: Six plates plus many additional line drawings. 400 pages. Royal octavo. Grail Volume: Six plates plus illustrations en texte. 394 pages. Royal... more

Price: $222.00