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Holmes Publishing Group LLC

Since 1971, we have been specializing in antiquarian, secondhand, and rare books (sixteenth to twenty-first century) as well as a large selection of esoteric publications by such authors and artists as Austin Osman Spare, Kenneth Grant, Steffi Grant, Michael Bertiaux, Robert Ansell, Michael Staley, Stephen Pochin, Nigel Pennick, Michael Howard, Nigel Jackson, Darcy Kuntz, David Beth, Barry Hale, David Chaim Smith, Tomas Baldano, Andrew Chumbley, Daniel Schulke, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Patrick Smith, Edward Clary, Nigel Pearson, Robert Fitzgerald, Carl Abrahamsson, Fredrik Soderberg, William Wallace, Evelyn Sire, and Scott S. Smith.

Holmes Publishing Group issues hand crafted monographs and seminal works in Hermetica, alchemy, magick, Kabbalah, and the ancient Mysteries. We offer several continuing study series on the Order of the Golden Dawn, Alchemy & Hermetica, Crowley-Thelema, Kabbalistic-Grimoire and other subjects. We are the distributors, wholesale and retail, in the USA, Canada, South America and the Pacific Rim for the following publishing firms: Fulgur Limited (UK), Starfire Publishing (UK), Von Zos (New York), Theion Publishing (Germany), Xoanon (USA), Three Hands Press (USA), The Jerusalem Press (UK), Trapart Publishing (Sweden), and Capall-Bann Publishing (UK).

If you order multiple titles, we will adjust the shipping total when we charge your order to reflect a more exact figure for both international and domestic parcels. If you have a need for a special title or list of titles, but don't see them in our on-line catalogue, we will be pleased to search our off-line inventory and report to you personally.

We issue four printed catalogues each year with the next being Catalogue 128. These titles are not placed on the Web (even on this site) until after our long term customers have had ample opportunity to purchase those of interest. Please let us know your subject interest if you would like to participate.