Item #408-2 AN AGE FOR LUCIFER: Predatory Spirituality and the Quest for Godhood. Robert C. Tucker.

AN AGE FOR LUCIFER: Predatory Spirituality and the Quest for Godhood.

Edmonds: Holmes Publishing Group, 1999. FIRST EDITION. Quality trade paper edition, sewn; A FINE COPY. This work explores a fascinating and dark thesis: the birth of a new human type, but will it be that bright and shining New Age so eagerly awaited? The Luciferan at the center of this book, and please note that Mr. Tucker's use of the term "Luciferan" is tied to no group, form of magick, or personage, is a seeker of powaqqatsi - "Po-waq-qa-tsi" is derived from the Hopi words "powaq", or sorcerer and "qatsi", life. This volume exposes the use of predatory techniques to achieve personal godhood, and often in unlikely places as in the corporate world. The purpose of this book is to render this opaque statement clear, and to translate Luciferism into contemporary meaning as horizontal evil. Mr. Tucker skillfully weaves a diversity of philosophies and psychologies into a picture that is both a frightening warning, and a melancholy sigh, but few have understood the message. Sewn, archival paper edition. Royal octavo. 384 pages. Bibliography. Please note: Orders of one to three HPG monographs, due to their weight and size, will ship for the same amount as one standard book. Another three items will count as another standard book, and so on. The site is not a real time cart, so we can adjust your shipping fees when we transact at a later time. Item #408-2

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