UK: Capall-Bann, 1997. Quality trade paper edition; A FINE COPY. Thirty original illustrations. The book is divided into five parts: 1: Casting circles, seasonal sigils, wands, Celtic runes, the Great Tides, making vortices of power, the seasonal Ogham keys & Ogham correspondences. 2: Old calendar festivals & associated evocations, the Call of Nine, two versions of the Six Pointed Star Dance, Mistletoe Lore, New Moon working, the Fivefold Calendar. 3: Underlying fundamentals of magical work, magical squares, the Diamond Working. 4: Five initiations, including a shamanic one, some minor calls, some little magics. 5: Information on the Celtic path, the Arthurian myth & its underlying meaning, the Three Worlds of the Celts, thoughts regarding the Hidden Path & final advice. Octavo. Item #17719

Price: $35.00

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