THE PSALTER OF CAIN: Psalterium Caini.

Xoanon, 2012. Limited edition of 701 numbered copies in custom crimson cloth. FIRST EDITION. A FINE COPY. Original crimson linen, with gilt blocking, and limited to 701 copies. This volume printed letterpress, and type was dispersed. Beautifully illustrated with traditional red & black plates. The "Psalter" consists of a series of devotional magical works to Cain, holy ancestor of sorcerers. Its magical foci are dedicated specifically to the Ancestral Manes of the Sabbatic Current, the shade-mothers and fathers of the "Companie of the Wise". Historically, the figure of the Biblical Cain is known from the context of Italian witchcraft and Romany magic, as well as the esoteric orders of Freemasonry, and the "Society of the Horseman's Word". Tall octavo. Item #18545

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