Edmonds: Holmes Publishing Group, 1996. A FINE COPY, hand-bound with special papers and parchment overlay. This work contains the addresses given to Neophytes of the grade, 0 = 0 by such luminaries as R.W. Felkin, Paul Foster Case, Lilli Geise, S.L. MacGregor-Mathers, and Harriet Felkin. Also includes the Allocution for the Neophyte Grade, that was written especially for the Stella Matutina, by A.E. Waite. Edited, with an introductory note, by Darcy Kuntz. Golden Dawn Studies series Eighteen. Octavo. Please note: Orders of one to three HPG monographs, due to their weight and size, will ship for the same amount as one standard book. Another three items will count as another standard book, and so on. The site is not a real time cart, so we can adjust your shipping fees when we transact at a later time. For larger orders of twelve or more, the shipping charges are adjusted to reflect a more exact figure. Please send a query if you need further clarity on the above. Item #394-9

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