SELECTED WRITINGS ON THE ROSICRUCIANS AND ROSICRUCIAN PHILOSOPHY & SYMBOL. Four volumes in slipcase with title label and includes new editions of: LIGHT DAWNING: Gichtel, Boehme, Ephrata, and the Origin of Rosicrucian Mysticism in the New World; ROSICRUCIAN SYMBOLS: The Rules, Duties, and Secret Signs of the Rosicrucians; THE ROSICRUCIAN CROSS UNVEILED; SOME MYSTERIES AND TREASURES OF THE ROSICRUCIAN ORDER (Illustrated).

Sequim: Holmes Publishing Group LLC, 2010. Item #505-4

A FINE SET. Hand-bound monographs in custom papers, parchment overlays, and enclosed in a protective slip case. Illustrations. Octavo.

Price: $29.95