Edmonds: Holmes Publishing Group, 1999. Limited to 32 copies with special parchment overlay, and initialed and numbered by the publisher. A FINE COPY. Excellent monograph exploring the origins of the ancient mystery cults via the botanical world, the sexual virtues of plants, the magical use of drugs and the symbolism of the Mandrake. With eight full page plates. Custom printed; hand bound. During the First World War Harris had two narrow escapes from drowning. He was sailing to join his friend J. H. Moulton in India, when his ship was torpedoed. Again, on the return voyage, his boat was torpedoed, but Moulton died from exposure, so it was written. Octavo. Please note: Orders of one to three HPG monographs, due to their weight and size, will ship for the same amount as one standard book. Another three items will count as another standard book, and so on. The site is not a real time cart, so we can adjust your shipping fees when we transact at a later time. Item #L-464-3

Price: $22.95

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