Item #SF-PG THE PLAY GOES ON: The Rituals of the Rainbow Bridge. Zachary Cox, Jean M. Williams, Friends, comp.

THE PLAY GOES ON: The Rituals of the Rainbow Bridge.

London: Starfire Publishing, 2015. Limited to 750 copies only. Sewn paper edition with special heavy weight matte text sheet with many marvelous color images integrated with the text of the Rituals. A FINE COPY. The main part of the book presents the rituals, organized in five groups, each with its own introduction. The first, the Foundation Rituals, is comprised of the Opening and Closing of the Temple, and was used at every ritual meeting. Thus was followed by the Rite of Acceptance, an inspirational ritual for the induction of new Companions. Seven Rainbow Rituals form the second group, and each was based on the symbolism and emotional tone of one of the seven colors of the Rainbow. A photographic section, which contains representational concepts of each the Rainbow Rituals in the second group, was created specifically for this publication by photographer, Ruth Bayer, who also designed the cover, The next two sections present compilations of the rituals of two Companions who found the Rainbow Bridge the ideal environment for their creative talents. Sadly, both have since passed away but these two sections are a tribute to their unique visions. The final section comprises four individual rituals from the early years of this venture, written by members of the team involved in this compilation. "Although the authors come from a background of Gardnerian witchcraft, there are diverse influences informing what was effectively a ritual drama group, one of them being Crowley; indeed, for many years the authors used to put on Crowley's Gnostic Mass two or three times per year." - Michael Staley. 268 pages. Royal Octavo. Item #SF-PG

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